(2023) Fix: Walmart EBT Not Working Online

Walmart is an American based popular company that is basically a retail company and selling products from distributors at affordable or low prices.

Being a grocery shopping mart as well Walmart also accepts EBT cards for shopping online or in the offline Walmart store. It promotes ease of shopping and faster transfer of payments. EBT cards offer cash assistance to clients.

But what happens when Walmart stops accepting EBT cards for online shopping? We know you are stuck and struggling, so let us look at how to fix the problem and the different reasons which gave rise to this and the solutions too! So do not worry and keep reading!

Does Walmart accept EBT?

A lot of users ask if Walmart accepts EBT online. As a matter of fact, it certainly does! In the USA, few states such as Arkansas, Louisiana, Hawaii and others do not accept EBT cards online. But in offline stores, EBT cards are accepted in all 50 states.

For using an EBT card online, one needs to add it to the Walmart account.

If your account is created, then simply click “Select Payment methods” from the options. Below the Credit and Debit card options is to add an option of “Add EBT card” which should be selected. And enter your card details and then “Save card”.

What can you buy with EBT at Walmart?

So, before checking out, it is also important to know that if you are to be using EBT, there might be many items that are included and some which cannot be bought by EBT. So let us check out what are those?

You must know for sure, as a EBT approved user that only food items are the ones that can be bought using the card. It can be used both in Superstores and regular stores of Walmart.

You can buy various food items which can be taken home and prepared instantly, or it might turn bad. Like Bananas or Kiwis for food Salad or cabbage and Buns for home-made Burgers. It can be anything Perishable or non-perishable items. Those include:-

  • Breads, butter or cereals like wheat, barley, rye, etc. 
  • Products from the dairy like cream, milk, cheese and others. 
  • Home essentials such as soaps, shampoos, utensils.
  • Basic medicines or boosters like Vitamins or calcium tablets/bars 
  • Fruits or vegetables
  • Meat, fish and poultry based products
  • Plants and seeds
  • Foods for Pets like Dogs or cats
  • Non-Alcoholic Beverages

The above-mentioned is the list of items that you can buy from EBT card offline or online and get it delivered to your home. So if you are checking out and your EBT card declines payment or does not work in any other way you might want to check out the items that you are buying.

Can you use EBT at Walmart self-checkout?

The answer to that is YES! You can use your EBT card at self-checkout online from the Walmart app or website. Once you put the items you want to buy in your Walmart Shopping cart, it is the time you have to check out the items.

Press the “other payment options” button and click on it. You will get to choose your EBT card which will be displayed on the screen if you have saved it. If you have not added your EBT card you need to add it through your Walmart account.

Once you press the EBT card, the details of the card are already filled in and the total price for the items displayed. After that you only need to enter the pin and will be directed to Walmart to finish up placing your order, therefore completing using your EBT.

To shop in-store, you can also use self-checkout and also buy items contactless. It would be done after setting down items on the left of the machine, and putting your items for barcode scan. After that, press continue and complete the transaction by choosing either EBT food stamps or EBT cash benefit and pay and take the receipt, and you are good to go!

Why is Walmart EBT online not working?

There might be a number of reasons why Walmart EBT is not working online such as items you are buying doesn’t qualify for EBT, your card might have expired, card isn’t connected to Walmart account, there might be internet or Walmart server issues.

So, even if the reasons are unidentifiable let us look at the different methods to fix this problem so that you can place your order.

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Fix: EBT not working on Walmart

Method 1: Check if your card is added

This is a beginner’s method. One needs to check if they have added their EBT card to your Walmart account.

The article describes in the “Does Walmart accept EBT card?” section as to how to add a card to start using it for Walmart checkout.

Method 2: Place order for correct items

We have mentioned the list of which items are included in the EBT card payment options at Walmart. You might be able to pay for items excluding that. You cannot buy alcoholic beverages not even beer of any brand.

Lemonade, soda, juice, gatorade, kombucha, and soft drinks can be bought using EBT cards at Walmart.

Recheck the items that you are checking out with.

It might not be the EBT card rather the items that are denying your checkout.

Method 3: Renew your card

Your EBT card does expire periodically. The expiry date is displayed in the front of the card.

So, If your card has expired, the cash benefits expire along the way.

For that matter, you have to renew your EBT card in order to start placing orders with it in Walmart and continue its services.

Method 4: Check if card is activated

Before using your EBT card check for activation. Without activation, you cannot take the cash benefits.

It can be done by selecting a personal identification number, or even checking the pin that has been sent to your mail.

Method 5: Check your internet connection

It is possible that your device is not connected to a stable internet connection. If you are connected to a Wifi, check if it is working fine.

You might have to reset your Wifi router once and check again if the internet can be accessed.

Switch to mobile data and then try accessing the website.

Method 6: Disable your VPN and try again

If you are using a VPN, it might be causing issues with Walmart EBT. A VPN disguises your location and hides your identity maintain your privacy. But, you don’t really want it when ordering groceries from Walmart app.

So, disable your VPN and try once again. Things should work fine.

Method 7: Rechecking time slots

If you have set a particular time slot for the delivery of your Walmart items it might have become unavailable. Therefore, check the time slot and edit it if necessary.

Method 8: Uninstall Walmart App

If it still not works try to uninstall the app completely. It will not delete the items in your cart. Then reinstall the app and sign in from your account on Walmart. Again check out the items and place your order through EBT card.

Be patient for the EBT pin window to pop up and directing you to an external page. It might take a minute or so.

Method 9: Try using Walmart.com

It might be that the Walmart EBT is not working for you on its app and may work on the web version.

To access Walmart on the web, simply Open Walmart.com on a web browser and log in to your account.

Method 10: Check Walmart service status

Well, if you are ordering through the Walmart app or website, you might experience trouble even if you are not making mistake from your end.

Sometimes, the Walmart service outage can cause all the issues with ordering stuff.

So, you have to check the Walmart services are working well and good. That’s the only thing that can be done. You can check the server status on third party service tracker sites like – Downdetector.com.

Final Words

There might be many reasons of your EBT card not working. It always works and if it doesn’t, you can also contact the Walmart customer care which is available 24×7.

Try these methods and check if it starts working.

There might be a minute technical error, and it might even get resolved by its own. So, do not worry at all and we this article helps!

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