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Facebook Messenger Shows Unread Message (But there are None)

This article talks about a common problem where Facebook Messenger shows you have a new message even when you don't.

Abhishek Nath 5 Min Read

Why am i Seeing ‘See Options’ on Someone’s Facebook (No Add or Message?)

If you want to know what "See options" means on a Facebook friend request, you've come to the right place.

Abhishek Nath 6 Min Read

Why is Everyone on Facebook Marketplace asking for my Phone Number?

Have you ever used Facebook Marketplace for selling or buying online? It offers the best platform for meeting the sellers with the

Ruby 5 Min Read

What is SKU on Facebook Marketplace (Can You Skip It?)

If you sell products online, you might have noticed that you’ll be asked to add an SKU on Facebook Marketplace.

Arvind Rueben 8 Min Read

(2024) Facebook Comments Glitch (Try These Fixes)

If you're scrolling through Facebook and notice the Facebook comments glitch out, welcome to the gang. This has been an

Arvind Rueben 14 Min Read