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Why am I being Charged for WhatsApp Calls?

Instant messaging services enjoy a special fan base among the modern audience. With additional services like WhatsApp calls, it is

Ruby 4 Min Read

Is it Safe to Open a WhatsApp Message from Unknown Number | All Details

WhatsApp is a dominant method of messaging in most countries and phones. From Android to iOS, and even Windows and

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Someone Blocked me on WhatsApp, but I can still see their “Online” Status. How is that possible?

When someone blocks you on WhatsApp, do you still get to view their profile picture? Want to know if you

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Fix: Not Receiving WhatsApp Messages unless I open the App

Are you not getting your WhatsApp notifications until you open the app? Do you want to fix WhatsApp not showing

Ankit 11 Min Read

(All Details) WhatsApp Export Chat, Will the Other Person Know?

We are all aware that WhatsApp allows us to export chats and chat history to our mail or other apps/sources.

Ankit 4 Min Read