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How to Ignore Group Chat in Messenger [7 Ways]

Are you wondering how to ignore a group chat in Messenger? If so, then look no further than this article.

Naima Zubair 7 Min Read

Can you Call Someone on Messenger if you are not Friends on Facebook

The Messenger app from Facebook is an instant messaging platform where you can chat with your friends. Those friends can

Ankit 5 Min Read

When you Mute someone on Messenger, what do they See?

Meta Platforms created Facebook Messenger, an instant messaging app and platform like WhatsApp for FB friends. Like WhatsApp you get

Ishika Negi 10 Min Read

If I Archive a Conversation on Messenger does the other Person Know

Messenger is a standalone app by Meta that lets you stay connected with your FB friends. The app has a

Sakshi Dubey 7 Min Read

What does Messenger ‘No Answer’ without Ringing mean

Considering how hectic today's world is, people rarely have time to attend to normal phone calls, let alone Messenger calls.

Sakshi Dubey 12 Min Read