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Fix: Hopper 3 External Hard Drive Disappearing From DVR Menu

I recently upgraded to a Hopper 3 for my Dish Network, and everything works much better than on my Hopper

Arvind Rueben 8 Min Read

Fix: Mediacom Cable Box Not Working (No Signal)

If you use a Mediacom cable box, you know the frustration when you get back home, turn on your TV,

Arvind Rueben 8 Min Read

ASUS Laptop Bluetooth Disappeared (These Fixes Should Work)

Bluetooth technology has become an essential component of modern computing because it enables users to connect a wide variety of

Abhishek Nath 21 Min Read

Fix: Acer Monitor Not Turning On Blue light/Orange Light/No Light

Acer, though well-known for making laptops, also makes amazing monitors.   They're some of the best in class and are

Arvind Rueben 17 Min Read

Dish Network Sound but No Picture (Try These Fixes)

Finding out that your Dish Network TV has sound but no picture can be quite exasperating.  The good news is,

Naima Zubair 6 Min Read