Ishika Negi

Ishika is a CDS aspirant from Dehradun who is now doing her bachelor's degree at Delhi University. She enjoys reading and doing her own skin care and maintenance, but she is also a fitness enthusiast who can't seem to stay away from junk food. She enjoys the serenity of nature. She is new to Android Nature and works on our tech-related topics.
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When you Mute someone on Messenger, what do they See?

Meta Platforms created Facebook Messenger, an instant messaging app and platform like

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[14 Fixes] Instagram ‘Something Went Wrong Try Again Later’ when Posting

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What Happens When you Block Someone on TextNow

TextNow is a popular communication app that allows users to make phone

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10 Fixes : Nvidia Shield ‘No Sound’ & Audio issues

Do you own an Nvidia Shield? Do you face sound issues with

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10 Fixes : TCL TV Black Screen of Death (2023)

TCL TV brings you the best of both worlds: high-definition images and

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