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(2024) Fix: Hisense TV shows Logo then goes Black

As Hisense TV users you might have various doubts and technical issues occasionally. We are here to help you solve

Dilha Saleem 9 Min Read

(2024) Fix: Hisense TV Freezing, Buffering, Crashing

With adequate sound and audio quality, users would definitely prefer Hisense as a low-budget TV. However, there are some common

Dilha Saleem 12 Min Read

(In 4 mins) Fix: My Hisense TV Turns On then Off immediately, itself

Hisense brand has brought in an excellent range of smart TVs, convenient and cheap, ideal for users with basic demands.

Dilha Saleem 9 Min Read

(2023) Fixed: Why won’t my TV Turn On but Red Light is on Hisense

Hisense is one of the popular TV brands which sells millions of TV across the world. The product is generally

Nandini 10 Min Read

(2023) Best sound settings for Hisense TV (Equalizer, Gaming, more)

Sound is the most important part of a TV as it connects people to what they are watching making the

Nandini 6 Min Read