[2022] Fix Nvidia Shield no sound

Do you own an Nvidia Shield? Do you face Nvidia TV No Sound issues with your Nvidia TV?

If you answered yes, then continue reading. We’ll show you how to solve it without making you search for answers. While some Nvidia Shield customers reported hearing troubles after pressing the power down option in the about section, others claim they are unable to hear any sound when the system is turned on.

In many situations, restarting the computer did not resolve the audio issue. As a result, we’ve devised a number of solutions for diverse scenarios. Take a look at them.

Why there is no sound on my Nvidia Shield TV ?

Several factors can cause the Nvidia High Definition Audio no sound issue. Here are a few possible causes for this problem:

A Nvidia shield TV
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1. Audio settings are incorrect.

If the audio playback device is set wrong, the audio device you’re using will not play any sound. If your audio does not appear to be in sync with what you see on the screen, it is most likely out of sync. Select Audio Video Sync from the Shield interface’s advanced settings and use the slider to appropriately tune the sound so that it matches and is in sync.

2. Software that is out of date or has been corrupted

A malfunctioning audio driver is the most likely cause of this problem. If the Nvidia High Definition Audio driver is corrupted, the user will experience a variety of sound issues, including sound that does not play at all.

Check to see if the device’s software is up to date, and if not, try updating it. To manually check for updates on your smartphone, go to Settings > About > System Upgrade.

3. In the BIOS, onboard sound is turned off.

Audio will not play on your PC if the onboard sound is deactivated in BIOS, either via a driver update or unintentionally.

4. Update to the system is faulty.

This problem has been reported by some users to have been triggered by a Windows update. If your situation is similar, the Windows update may be faulty, which is the most likely cause of your Nvidia audio not working.

5. HDMI Cable That Isn’t Tight

It’s possible that the HDMI plug, which displays pictures and audio on the TV, isn’t correctly fastened to the TV or the Shield. Make sure the TV and Shield are both correctly connected with the plug.

If the problem persists, the shield’s ports may be damaged. Because all of the ports are on the same component, the I/O Board with all of the ports must be replaced in this scenario. Please see the I/O Board Replacement Guide for further information.

How to Fix Nvidia shield no sound ?

The following are some of the probable solutions:

  • Unplug everything and re-plug everything.
  • If you’re using a sound-bar, make sure it’s turned off.
  • Take a look at your television. It’s possible that the sound on your television has died. As a result, perform a hard reset on your television. It ought to work.
  • Check to see if your old Remote control is connected to your Nvidia Shield. Connecting the two could cause the sound on the Nvidia Shield to be disrupted.Some consumers claim that the remote functioned properly, but that they were unable to hear anything. So, just get rid of it and everything should be great. If the sound is still not working, go to settings > developer options > USB sound and disable it.
  • Another method to see if your system is using the correct settings is to look at the log files. Follow these steps to do so:Select Settings > Display & Sound > Advanced > Surround sound from the drop-down menu. If it’s on auto, change it to “Never.” Toggle it from “never” to “auto back” to “never” if it’s currently in “never.”
  • If you’re having audio problems just after turning off the Shield and then turning it back on, try the following:
    Connect the HDMI back to the Shield and disconnect the HDMI wire. The sound will return.
  • Some customers have experienced problems while using the USB connector to charge a controller.

Check to see if the controller is being charged via the USB port. If this is the case, just unplug the USB and check if the                  sound returns.

Some FAQs

1.How do I fix Nvidia sound?

  • You can unplug and Re-plug your TV and also try a hard resetting on your TV. These two are the most easiest and effective solutions. If you need more information about the same you check our article FIX NVIDIA SHIELD NO SOUND on our official website androidnature.com .

2. How do I unmute Sound on Nvidia?

  • Grab your Shield TV’s remote and go to Settings on Shield TV to set up the controls. Go to Device Preferences on the Settings page and select Display & Sound Settings from the menu.You may enable AI scaling, alter resolution, and more in the Display & Sound options. Select Volume control from the Sound menu. You can mute or unmute yourself from here.

3. Does Nvidia Shield have audio output?

  • Yes, practically all Nvidia shield models provide audio outputs. The audio output you select may be determined by the audio preferences of your sound-bar. The following is a list of the inputs they offer:Dolby Digital is a digital audio format (AC3)
    Dolby Digital Plus is a Dolby Digital upgrade (E-AC3)
    DTS:X DTS Core Audio Streams Dolby True-HDAll of the audio outputs provided by the Nvidia shields are just for HDMI. Nvidia unfortunately does not include an HDMI cable with the shield. The HDMI cable can be found in the box of your TV or sound-bar. If you don’t already have one, consider purchasing one online or at your local electronics store.

4. How do I connect my sound-bar to my Nvidia Shield?

  • HDMI ARC is the most frequent method of connecting Nvidia shields to any sound-bar. Bluetooth and optical cable communication are also available on some versions.


That’s all there is to it. You now know what to do if your Nvidia High Definition Audio driver stops working. The troubleshooting options listed above should assist you in resolving this issue.

This is all we have got for you for now. Ask any questions you have about this issue in the comments box below.

Thanks !

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