How to Download apps on Chromebook without Google Play (2023)

Chromebooks aren’t like any other laptops in the market, like how the other laptops operate through Windows operating system and macOS, a Chromebook runs on Chrome OS that is made for chrome books.  The first Chromebook was introduced on June 15, 2011. Chromebooks are known to have more battery life with that they are cheap as well.

Chromebook has to run with the internet, though it can work offline, an internet connection is required to run most of the applications on the Chromebook. To date, Chromebook has proved itself to be one of the most affordable alternatives to laptops along with that it can be utilized for various purposes ranging from Business use to consumer use.

Though it is mostly used for business, the consumer use of the Chromebook is not up to par as they are not the best choice to run multimedia applications. You can edit images and videos on it but working offline on Chromebook requires more planning as compared to working on other laptops available in the market.

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Google play houses various apps, games, movies, TVs, books, and many more. Google play namely Google play store is a distribution service provided by Google. It was launched on October 22, 2008. It is available on Android, Chrome OS, the web, and many more. Any app or movie of your choice is all available on Google play.

Have you been trying to download apps on Chromebook without google play? Read further to learn: How to download apps on Chromebook without google play.

Why can’t I download apps on my Chromebook?

Not being able to download apps on your Chromebook can be due to having an outdated Chromebook that doesn’t have access to the app store, issues with internet connection or the organization that you are working under has disabled the play store.

You might have purchased your Chromebook years ago and at the moment you might want to download apps on your Chromebook for either personal or professional use. Since the Chromebook that you own, is of an older model and doesn’t have access to new latest features out in the market, having an older model can lead to you facing problems it downflowing apps as you don’t have google play on your Chromebook.

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Often times we face internet issues while trying to access apps on Google play. When the internet connection is slow it doesn’t even view the apps on the play store coupled with facing issues while loading the content. In order to download apps on Chromebook, you are required to have Google play, since having a poor internet connection you can face issues while you try to download apps on Chromebook without google play.

If the Chromebook has been provided by the organization that you are currently working in, then they can put restrictions on certain misuse of the Chromebook by the workers so they land up disabling the Play Store on the Chromebook. If the Chromebook you are using is school property, and you have been constantly trying to download apps but you are unable to, this is due to the school disabling the play store on the Chromebook.

How to download apps on Chromebook without google play

In order to download apps on Chromebook without using google play, you need to download the app APK from an APK website and then head on to install it on your device. As through installing the app in this way you will be required to give permission for the installation along with allowing the device to install the app from an unknown source.

Method 1: Download app APK

There are numerous sites that provide app APK but you need to be careful while choosing the right one as if you land up installing the one from a non-credible faux website then you will receive a virus on your device which in the long run will cause your device to turn faulty.

Below there are a few APK website names given:

  1. APK mirror
  2. APK Pure
  3. APK downloader
  4. Patioed
  5. Yelp store

Though the websites mentioned above are safe and secure to use, sometimes a few malicious files will be downloaded along with the APK file, so you need to be careful while downloading it.

To set up the device to download the APK:

  1. Head to settings in your Chromebook.
  2. Navigate to settings.
  3. Tap on security.
  4. Enable Unknown Sources on the settings.

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Enabling Unknown Sources on the settings will allow you to download the APK files from the above websites, if you haven’t enabled this option then you might not be able to install the APK files on your Chromebook in order to download apps on the Chromebook without google play.

To download APK:

  1. After enabling the above option, head on to the APK website of your choice.
  2. Search up the app that you want to download.
  3. After the download process has been done, head off by opening the download file.’
  4. Click on Install and follow the installation process.

Downloading apps through APK websites is quite helpful when you don’t have access to google play on your device. APK files of the app should be downloaded again when the newer version of the app is launched as your device doesn’t have Google play, you won’t be able to automatically update the app, you need to uninstall the old one and head off to install the new one.

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Q1. Why is my Chromebook not charging?

The reason why your Chromebook is not charging properly as it should be due to you connecting the charging able loose or that you haven’t connected the adapter to the wall mount.

Q2. Why won’t the Chromebook turn on?

Your Chromebook not turning on can be because the battery of your Chromebook is dead.

Final words

Chromebook has really revolutionized the way we work on the laptop, being affordable along with being equipped with great features, Chromebook has lived up to the expectations of its consumers.

We hope that this article helped you learn to fix how to download apps on Chromebook without google play. Do check out our other articles.

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