Benisha Lama

Benisha, a tech enthusiast with a passion for PC gaming (motosports) and a love for all things automotive. With a wealth of expertise in social media apps, software, and devices, Benisha is dedicated to assisting users in resolving their tech-related issues. Whether you're navigating the digital world or hitting the virtual racetrack, Benisha is your go-to tech expert.
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Fix: ‘Your Account cannot be Used in this Location’ Netflix

Netflix, a global streaming giant, offers an extensive array of TV shows

Benisha Lama 8 Min Read

(In 2 mins) Fix: WhatsApp Call Declined Automatically (iPhone/ Android)

WhatsApp is one of the widely used apps for messaging, making audio calls,

Benisha Lama 9 Min Read

Fix: Netflix “Too Many People are Using your Account Right Now”

Everyone loves streaming content on Netflix, but the fact it is a paid service

Benisha Lama 14 Min Read

Fix: Netflix ‘There Appears to be a Problem with Payment Method you are Trying to Use’

Are you struggling with payment issues on Netflix or getting the error

Benisha Lama 9 Min Read

12 Fixes: Reddit Not Loading/Showing Comments

Are Reddit comments not loading for you? If Reddit is not showing

Benisha Lama 14 Min Read