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Benisha, a tech enthusiast with a passion for PC gaming (motosports) and a love for all things automotive. With a wealth of expertise in social media apps, software, and devices, Benisha is dedicated to assisting users in resolving their tech-related issues. Whether you're navigating the digital world or hitting the virtual racetrack, Benisha is your go-to tech expert.
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(4 Ways) How to Fix DAZN not working on Smart TV

Are you having issues with DAZN on our TV? If DAZN is

Benisha Lama 9 Min Read

[6 ways] How to Fix Netflix not working on PS5, PS4

Netflix is one of the movie streaming platforms used by millions worldwide.

Benisha Lama 12 Min Read

Why does Hulu keep logging me out on my TV?

Hulu is an American-based subscription streaming platform owned by Walt Disney. It

Benisha Lama 12 Min Read

[2 Ways] How to Delete Reddit account on Mobile

Reddit is an online platform where numerous people come together and converse

Benisha Lama 12 Min Read

How to connect RCA Roku Tv to Wi-Fi without a remote

RCA is commonly known as Radio Corporation of America. RCA is an

Benisha Lama 8 Min Read