How to Fix Netflix too many people using your account

Netflix is an American online streaming library equipped with a wide range of movies and Tv shows available for streaming online and even for download. Every Netflix can allow up to creating five profiles but it doesn’t allow the users to stream movies at the same time on one profile, sometimes there will be issues with too many people using Netflix account at a time.

It provides different plans for its users whereby there is a basic plan available for streaming on one device, a standard plan that allows streaming on two devices, and a premium where it will allow you to stream on four devices. Netflix is one of the best streaming platforms whereby an individual can watch original series, movies, amines all in one streaming platform.

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Netflix account is sometimes shared between people and they might use it at the same time as you. If you give out your Netflix account to too many people then you will face the issue of too many people using your account.

Does your Netflix say that ‘there are too many people using your account? Read on to learn: How to Fix Netflix too many people using your account

Why is Netflix saying too many people are using your account?

Your Netflix is saying that there are too many people using Netflix account at the same time then it could be due to you sharing your Netflix account with your friends and family members, when you try to watch movies at the time even, they might be streaming it too.

error of too many people using netflix account
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Your playback must have been interrupted or you must have finished watching a certain movie but it shows that there’s an error and your Netflix account is being used on another device then it could indicate that the last playback has been stopped but Netflix hasn’t identified that it has stooped, so due to that Netflix will indicate that there is additional streaming of the movie going on.

Through the playback issue, Netflix sometimes assumes that the movie streaming is still continuing while it’s not. This error might go away after a while but it can even take more than 2 hours for this issue to get resolved.

How many people can watch Netflix at one time per account?

The number of people watching Netflix at one time per account depends on the subscription as according to the plan purchased by the individual the number of screens and devices it can be streamed on will differ accordingly.

Netflix allows up to five profiles per account, but within the profile, only one streaming can be done for one profile and two people will not be able to watch movies at the same time on the same profile as Netflix will not allow that. Even for the download option for offline view, if the movies are downloaded then the limit of the downloaded movies will depend on how many devices the streaming is allowed.

Netflix offers three subscription plans namely: Basic, Standard, and Premium.

Netflix subscription plan
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For the Basic plan, it will generally cost around $8.99 per month and it will allow the user to stream movies on one device at one time. The basic plan doesn’t have the HD mode available.

The standard Plan subscription price is around $13.99 for a month and the subscriber will be allowed to stream movies in HD on two screens meaning on two devices at one time.

A premium plan subscription is the best among all as even if the price differs a bit and is high at about $17.99 a month, it allows the account holder to stream movies on four screens giving them the access to watch movies on four devices at one time included with HD and ultra-HD mode available for watching the movies.

How to Fix Netflix too many people are using your account?

After a tiring day or when you have free time, you sit down to open up Netflix, and all of a sudden it displays that too many people are using your Netflix accounts at one time. Experiencing that will surely lead you to have a breakdown and anger outburst as even if you have allowed people to use or account, you didn’t imagine them hoarding it up for themselves all the time.

In order to be able to stream movies on your device without facing such issues follow the steps below to guide you on fixing it:

Method 1: Kick-off users (Through Laptop)

People freeloading on your Netflix and hoarding it for themselves will frustrate you as you are the one who paid for it and now you don’t even get to enjoy it.

Follow the steps below to kick off those people:

  1. Open Netflix on your laptop through the browser.
  2. Locate the account icon and click on settings.
  3. From the options given on the setting, click on “recent streaming activity”

It will give you a list of where your account is being used and even the location of it to give you a clear idea of who’s using your account.

  1. Go back to Setting.
  2. Select the option “sign out of all devices”.
  3. Give confirmation to proceed.

    Netflix signout all devices
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With this step, you will get rid of every single freeloader who’s hoarding up your Netflix account. It’s brutal but it’s better to do this rather than confronting them upfront and feeling award regarding the situation.

Method 2: Remove users through android or IOS device

If you are more of a person who is constantly using your phone and watching movies through it and y are facing issues while trying to watch it through your phone, then we have got your back.

Follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the Netflix app.
  2. Tap on the account icon located in the top right corner of your screen.
  3. Tap on settings.
  4. From the list of options select ” sign out of all devices”
  5. It will ask for confirmation so, proceed with that.

As they as it’s better late than never, so even if you only choose to lay off people from your account after experiencing the same issue countess amount of time, reaching the decision to do it is good as you will get to enjoy your Netflix account all to yourself.

Can you kick someone using your Netflix account?

You most definitely can kick someone from using your Netflix account. You paid for it and even if you gave them access to use your account doesn’t mean that they get to hoard it up for themselves all the time and when you finally have time to watch movies you face the issue of your too many people using  Netflix account.

By following the steps mentioned above you will be able to kick ff people from your Netflix account but keep in mind that if you keep the same password as before then they will be back again leeching off your Netflix account.

In order to prevent them from further doing the same thing, after signing out of all devices from Netflix you can proceed ahead by signing in again and changing your password. While setting the new password make sure to keep a unique one so that no other people will be able to easily figure it out and gain access to your account again.


Q1. Netflix password is not working, how to log in?

Answer: If you have access to the email id to which your Netflix account is linked you can click on reset password, enter your email id. They will send you an OTP or a direct link you just need to enter it or click on it then reset your password again and get access to your Netflix account.

Q2. Someone has been using my Netflix account, how do I stop them?

Answer: Someone might be using your Netflix account without your permission and to stop them you can change your Netflix password, set a unique password only meant for Netflix with 8 characters, special characters, and numbers. You can even sign out from all devices. You can See How to keep your account secure to learn more about how to prevent unknown people from using your account.

Q3. Does Netflix allow to download content?

Answer: Netflix does allow you to download content on your device but the number of downloads per device will vary according to your monthly subscription plan. You can even remove unauthorized downloads to another device by selecting “manage download device” through this you will have more offload content for your device.

Final words

Netflix is sometimes used by your ex-roommates, ex-girlfriend or boyfriend, your family members, at times you might have given them access to use your account but them mooching off your Netflix account for 24 hours a day is not practical. Granted they can watch movies if you allow them but even you need it for yourself at times.

Putting those things aside, we hope that we assisted you by giving you a solution to your issue of having too many people on Netflix. We hope that the steps worked out and if there are any new methods available then we will keep you updated.

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