[Fix] TikTok ‘Live Access Is Needed To Go Live As A Guest’

Wanting to go live on TikTok and can’t seem to know what to do?

Are you confused about how to get TikTok live access?

Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! Here we have explained all you need about live access on TikTok as a guest.

TikTok Live is a function that streams the video creations of prominent users to an in-the-moment comment feed.

However, what if you are unable to participate in the live broadcast?

There is a lot to know about this seemingly simple feature before you can start, join, or even access TikTok Live.


What does it mean when TikTok says ‘live access is needed to go live as a guest’?

This message appears when users try to join a Live stream as a guest but lack the necessary permissions. As a guest, you can’t start or co-host a live; that’s reserved for the host, known as the “co-host.” Guests are participants, while “followers” are viewers and commenters.

To join as a guest, the host’s followers must be able to see you, and you shouldn’t be blocked by the host.

Why Does It Say “Live Access Is Needed to Go Live as a Guest” on TikTok?

There can be many reasons why TikTok say’s “Live Access Is Needed to Go Live as a Guest” such as country limitations, age restrictions, disabled Guest mode, not meeting the minimum follower requirement, internet connectivity issues, software glitches, or because you are not following the host of the live stream.

How to fix live access is needed to go live as a guest -TikTok

You need to get invited by the person who created the Live account before you can join as a follower.

lives# host can invite you to join as a guest by selecting your name from a friend list displayed when you click the button in the bottom left corner.

While participation in the Live is not required, the invitation link will no longer be valid after 20 seconds.

Once an invitation is accepted by both parties, the invited user’s video feed will begin streaming. There will subsequently be a rotating cast of hosts on the Live, however, the originals will continue to hold executive control.

You must be a member of the Live community and have permission to host or participate in lives. However, even if you do meet the requirements, you may still face obstacles to going live stream.

These factors are:

Factor 1: Must be 16 years old (Meet requirements)

Your readiness to pursue more serious business as an influencer is reflected in your decision to start live-streaming on social media. It also leaves your online life wide open and vulnerable.

TikTok has a minimum age requirement of 13, but users can’t go live until they’re at least 16 years old.

You still can’t use TikTok Live if you’re a micro-influencer and 15 or younger. Any user who is reported to be under 13 years of age will have their account immediately disabled.

If you want to start live-streaming, you should be old enough to handle interacting with a wide range of people in an unsupervised setting.

If you’re over the age of 18, you can also get Live Gifts. Live followers can pay with actual money to acquire these “diamonds” and then give them to the host.

Take caution not to expect monetary donations from your fans. TikTok has strict rules against any type of soliciting.

Factor 2: Possible only in some countries (Try VPN)

TikTok’s Live feature is currently only available in a handful of countries. Some nations may not have banned the app, but they may have restricted access to live feeds.

Even if TikTok itself is blocked in your country, you may still use TikTok Live by connecting to it over a VPN.

A virtual private network (VPN) is a service that conceals the user’s real IP address. An IP address mask’s primary function is to protect your network and devices, but it also gives you the option of hiding your true location or making it look like you’re in another country.

With a VPN, TikTok users can make the site believe they are located in a region where the Live feature is supported.

Some users may be hiding their IP address because they’re accessing the app from a nation where it’s restricted for reasons related to security or content.

Even in nations where the app has been outright banned, however, using it is usually not illegal. IP addresses from those nations are blocked from accessing the site.

For Android users:

To get the TikTok app, Android users just need to look for the APK file on a website that hosts mobile applications.

For Apple users:

Apple Store “Country/Region” settings allow iPhone users to switch to a region with access to the app.

Visit the TikTok website from a region where it is permitted by using a VPN mask IP from that region. You’ll need to use a mask if you want to access the app anyway.

Keep in mind that utilizing a VPN can put a burden on your connection, thus only the most dependable services are suggested for live-streaming.

Factor 3: Follow someone to go live with them

You can’t start a guest stream without first following the host, as you need to be watching their live to send a guest request.

You also can’t ask just anyone to be a co-host; they have to be on your Friends list or in your live follower roster.

When used properly, TikTok Live may strengthen the bonds between influential people and their followers. Co-hosting is the natural progression of that model.

Think carefully about who you choose to co-host with, or even schedule them in advance. For the best streaming experience, especially when discussing popular social media platforms, find people with whom you have genuine chemistry and broadcast with them.

Think of being a guest as an opportunity to promote your business to the audience that includes your co-host. Your fan base will increase dramatically after a Live if you and your co-host appear to be catering to the same audience.

Tiktok Live

How to get live access on TikTok as a guest without 1000 followers

TikTok Live can’t be activated unless you have at least one thousand followers. At this threshold, a user gains the title of a “micro-influencer” on any given social media site.

Even though a major influencer should have at least 40,000 followers, micro-influencers can still launch campaigns to monetize their content.

Using TikTok Live, influential users may engage with their audience, thereby increasing the size of their online following. The more engaging and personable you come across, the more likely someone will want to work with you.

You need to build your brand with engaging posts and activities before going live on TikTok.

Keep up with trends and hashtags to boost your social media influence. Build a dedicated fan base by keeping your video updates regularly scheduled to adhere to your particular trends.

Keep in mind that TikTok is primarily a social platform. TikTok Live is indispensable to well-known influencers because it allows them to interact directly with their audiences through comments and social challenges, two factors that are key to the maintenance of an active following.


TikTok’s Live function sets it different from competing for social media platforms by encouraging genuine interaction between celebrities and their followers. The instrument is also crucial for expanding the names of influencers.

You also need to have at least a thousand followers to have access to live. Being 16 years and in a country that allows this function also helps (or at least appears via a VPN).

Show the TikTok community you can get along by streaming live and interacting with them. If you want to be popular on live, “it’s about whom you know.”

Build rapport with other powerful people in your field to broaden your professional and social horizons. Live-streaming with them may be amusing, but it could introduce you to new viewers interested in what you offer.

Influencers with 1,000 or 10,000 followers should help fans seek insider information on live streams. If you’re a follower, and you’re having trouble watching a Livestream, you should probably take the bug seriously.

If you want to be famous on TikTok, you must be responsible during live broadcasts. You must use the entertaining feature as often as possible.

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