(2022) Fix: Facebook Messenger ‘Word Effects’ not showing

Messenger application has innovated its ways of texting, giving it more aesthetic features. Today we are going to discuss an issue related to one such popular feature.

Messenger application allows an emoji to appear when a certain word or phrase is used in the text messages. This emoji represents the word or phrase and allows you to use the emoji along with the word and thereby giving you a cooler experience in messaging.

This effect, also called ‘Word Effects’, brings out a suitable emoji automatically. However, several users have reported the malfunction associated with this feature. We shall discuss this issue and ways to resolve it effectively. Hope it helps.

Reasons: Word Effects on Messenger not working

Short Answer – Messenger Effects are not working because app version is outdated, the internet connection is unstable, there could be issues with your device or you might be using Messenger Lite which has comparatively less features.

The messenger effect allows the user to add extra emphasis on a word or text using emoji. For this, they are required to save the effect to a corresponding word in the feature settings. There are situations where this does not work out.

You may also try to reboot your device and then check if the feature is enabled. Given below, are the simple ways to check and repair this issue. Hope it helps.

Fix: Facebook Messenger effects not working

Short Answer – Messenger Effects are  not working because app version is outdated, the internet connection is unstable, there could be issues with your device or you might be using Messenger Lite which has comparatively less features.

Messenger Word Effects is a special feature in the Messenger app that allows users to send floating emoji on the screen while sending a particular text to a chat. Once the user enters the text and sends it, the corresponding emoji floats over the screen.

This special effect makes the text more dramatic and fun. However, there are instances where the feature is not enabled in your app, or the effects do not appear. We have listed some useful techniques to figure out this issue.

1. Update Messenger application

Firstly, make sure the Messenger application is updated to its latest version. This will allow you to access the effects. If you have any pending updates, the feature would not be made available in the version that you have.

If you are one of those who have there auto-update settings turned off, you should really check if you Messenger app is running on the latest version. Downloading the latest patch updated also ensures a bug-free app experience.

2. Check your network connection

Make sure your application is running under a stable network and there is no interference in your Wi-Fi signals. Check if your router is close to the device. And confirm that all other devices receive adequate signals to make sure there is no fault with the router.

All the special feature in Messenger requires a stable connection if not a faster connection. So, check if your router is working as intended.

You can also try switching to mobile data. Check if you are still facing the same issue.

3. Reboot your device

If you are unable to find the Facebook messenger effects feature even after updating the application, then try to reboot the device. This will remove any glitches that could have entered the app.

4. Re-install the application

If neither of the above-mentioned hacks works for you, then try to uninstall the Messenger application and then re-install it. This will ensure that you download the latest version of the app and hence gets the effects to feature activated. It will also assure you of a bug-free version. Hope it helps.

5. Use PC version of Messenger

The steps mentioned above might have fixed your issue with the Messenger Word Effects. But, if you still cannot use the feature as intended, we will suggest you use the PC version of the Messenger app.

The steps for activation Word Effects are quite the same.

  1. Go to the chat where you wish to use the feature.
  2. Select the profile name
  3. Search and select ‘Word effects’ option.

The option will appear below the Theme and Emoji feature.

Use this link to download the latest version of Messenger app on your Windows or Mac PC.

6. Try Messenger Lite

Well, we have discussed almost all possible ways to fix the problem. But, if you are still on the same page, we suggest you try this last method.

In some regions, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Messenger, released the Lite version of their apps. These apps weighs less when it comes to file size, best for the entry level mobile device which comes with a lesser ROM out-of-the-box.

Where the Lite version compromises on the features like animation, transition, the user can still enjoy all the basic features. If you cannot use Word Effect on your Messenger app, you can try using Messenger Lite.

7. Report issue to Messenger team

Well, if none of the above-mentioned methods have worked, we will suggest you report your issue to the concerned team. We all know, it is really hard to have a one-on-one conversation with the FB support. But, you need to try your best to receive assisatance.

Use this official link to learn the procedure to report about your issues. You will be able to change the platform you need help with using the drop-down menu.

Option to get help for a specific platform

Enter all the details asked, describe your issue in detail.

How do you get effects on Messenger

1. Word effects

Here is how you can get ‘word effects’ on messenger;

  • Firstly, launch the Facebook messenger application.
  • Open the chat that you wish to use the effects for.
  • Then click on the profile of the chat.
  • On the profile page, look for word effects.
  • Then click on it, and then type in a word that you wish to give an effect for.
  • Now, click on the emoji symbol and choose a relevant effect for the word.
  • Click on the send button.
  • Select ‘Done’ to save the setting.
  • You may create any number of effects corresponding to the word of your choice.

2. ‘Text effects’

You can also try to get other effects for texts shared over the messenger app;

  • First, open the messenger application.
  • Then a chat that you wish to send a message.
  • Now, type in the text, and click on the emoji icon.
  • Choose an effect available in the app.
  • Then send the message. This will let the effect be shown on the text.

3. ‘Special effects’

These effects are used for video calls. Here is how you can access them;

  • Launch the application.
  • Video call your friend or family member.
  • Then click on the smiley on the side of the screen.
  • This will open a menu.
  • Select ‘effects’ from the menu.
  • Then click anywhere on the screen other than the menu. This will confer the effect on the video call.

You can also capture videos and photos with various effects.


messenger effects not working
Image source: Facebook

Facebook Messenger Filters gone, what to do

1. Update your Messenger app

Download the latest patch update for your FB Messenger app on your Android or iOS app. If you are using the PC version of the Messenger app, you can check for the updates by clicking on the Top left Messenger logo.

2. Reboot your device

After you have updated you app on Android, iOS, Windows or Mac. Reboot or Restart your device once

3. Check your internet connection

If you are not connected to a stable internet connection, you will find it hard to use this feature. And before you ask, we would like to mention that to use this feature, you will require a decent internet speed. If you are in a region with low connectivity, it will be quite hard to use this feature.

4. Report your issue

If nothing is working and you are sure you have implemented the steps provided above properly, it is advised to report you issue to Messenger team. Visit the official page for more details.

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Q1 – Why don’t I have Word Effects on Messenger?

Answer – You don’t have Word Effects on Messenger because you haven’t turned it on, you are using Messenger Lite version, your app is outdated, or you are not using Messenger app on PC

Q2 – How do I turn on effects on Messenger?

Answer – In order to turn on effects on the messenger app, firstly, launch the application on your device. Then click on any chat that you wish to enable the effects feature. Open the profile page or chat setting page and click on ‘Word effect’. Once another page shows up, type in a word and choose a particular emoji to represent it. Then send the word to save the effect.

Now you can try the word on any chat. On sending the word as a message, the corresponding emoji will float over on the screen. For more details refer to the above article. Hope it helps.

Q3 – How do I get camera effects on Facebook Messenger?

Answer – In order to get camera effects on the Facebook messenger application, launch the app, then video calls a chat. Click on the smiley icon on the side of the screen. Select ‘effects’ and choose an effect of your choice. Click on the screen outside the menu option to exit the menu.

This will confer the effect to the screen. For more details refer to the above article. Hope it helps.

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This article explains the various ways to fix Facebook messenger effects not working. We have compiled some effective ways to fix the issue. Hope it helps.

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