[Fixed] Why is my message not sending on Messenger?

Messenger gets users privacy in texting other users on Facebook. This application does not require you to have the Facebook page launched on your phone. So today we are going to talk about an issue most messenger users face while using the app; why is my message not sending on messenger?

Facebook connects and helps you share with the world. Every feature allows users have a higher favor in the ways of contacting friends and families. The messenger app does the most in allowing your chats to remain private and it is solely for the purpose of messaging.

Unlike Facebook providing you with a public platform, messenger provides you with access to a platform similar to WhatsApp, where you get additional security over your texts and files shared privately. So how to deal with the issue where your messages are not sent on messenger? We have just the solution for you!

We have compiled the right solutions for you to go over this issue. Keep reading to find out.

Why is my message not sent on messenger?

There are several reasons for this issue to occur while using the messenger application. The first and foremost thing that you must attempt to fix is your connection. Under a poor signal strength and no connection, your messenger app will not function. Another major reason could be the application lag. This comes under situations where there is no more storage space for your messenger app.

We have compiled the various fixes that you could use under all these situations in the below content. Hope it helps.

Why would messages in messenger be sent but not delivered?

If the issue with the application is such that the messages seem to be sent but don’t get delivered, it could not point out any huge issue. The receiver may not have a stable connection and might not have received the messages. However, there could be instances where the issue is solely due to the application.

Chances are, the app might have crashed at some point, and thus it stops working. A possible server error could also lead to such an issue. We have compiled all the necessary steps to adopt in such situations. Keep reading.

How to fix messages not sent on Facebook messenger?

Here are the most effective methods to follow if your messages are not sent on Facebook messenger. Hope it helps;

1. Check your connection.

The first and foremost troubleshoot method is to consider your connection status once again. The message will not deliver as long as your device is not connected to the Wi-Fi. Try a different network, if the signal is weak, or try positioning the router differently so as to close the space between it and the device.

Once that is complete, check your app. If the messages are still not delivered, keep reading.

2. Reboot your device.

This instant fix solves anything starting from poor connection and slow app functioning. Just restart the device where you have installed the application. Now reload the page to find the recent status of your messenger application. If this does not help, don’t fret and try the next method.

3. Try clearing the app cache.

Another hiccup concerned with applications is the overload of data and unnecessary cache on its system. So consider clearing away cache which should ease the storage space. This should greatly improve its performance and get you the speed in delivering messages. Here is how you can go about this action;

  • First, open Settings on your device. Scroll towards ‘Apps’.
  • Then navigate towards the ‘Messenger’ application. Click on it and find the option for ‘Storage and cache’.
  • Down below you will find the ‘clear cache’ option or in some devices, you will ‘clear storage’.
  • Click on it to complete the process.
  • Now restart the messenger application.
  • Check if the messages are delivered or not.

This will remove overloaded data or cache.

4. Reinstall your app to fix messages not sending on messenger.

Try uninstalling the Messenger application and then re-installing it. This will get you the latest version and also eliminate any possible glitch. This action will not lose your data. It will be retained once you reinstall the app. Check if the messages show as ‘delivered’ or not. Hope it helps.

5. Turn on ‘unrestricted data usage’.

Check if your device settings have allowed background data for the messenger application. This setting enables the notification for the app even if you exit from it.

  • Go to ‘settings’ on your device and then select ‘Apps’.
  • Then click on ‘Manage apps.’ Scroll towards the messenger application.
  • Once you find it, click on it and select ‘Mobile data and Wi-Fi’
  • Toggle the ‘unrestricted data usage’.

This should let your messenger application consume sufficient data to load the recent status of its messages. Hope it helps.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1. Why is my message not delivering on Messenger?

There are many reasons for this issue to occur with your messenger application. Mostly the cause roots from poor Wi-Fi signals and also due to some glitch in the server.

The main reason, however, could be that the receiver did not turn on their internet connection and thus did not receive the message. Or he or she has chosen to deliberately ignore your message. There is also the possibility that the recipient has marked your text as unread. Either way, it does not mean that your Messenger application is faulty.

To know more about this issue refer to the above article. We have compiled the solutions for the issue as well, hope it helps.

Q2. What to do if Messenger is not sending messages?

If the messenger app is not sending messages there are quite a few measures to adopt. The first thing would be to try fixing your signal strength, reposition your router, and see if the signals are strong enough for the app to deliver your messages. Next, you could try to reboot your device, and relaunch the application.

More solutions are described in the above article, refer to them for further details. Hope it helps.


This article compiles various effective methods to follow in order to fix the issue of messenger applications not working. We have provided a step-wise guide for the same. Hope it helps.

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