Why is Walmart pickup and delivery not working

Walmart’s application has brought in mixed opinions from users. When considering the overall service quality, you must give them your best reviews while other features might keep the disappointment for a while. The application seems to get better after every glitch that was discussed on various platforms over the internet.

The application is occasionally reported by users after experiencing a crashed server. But the authorities always see to it that it is fixed back and running as soon as possible. Multiple issues focused on the working of the website alone. And many have turned to giving up on the services.

The latest technology employed had a lot of difficulty settling with the functions of the application and many users agreed that the site will not progress this way. But all this doesn’t concern the current problem at hand. Let us get to the topic.

In today’s article, we have brought up some methods to figure out the issue of Walmart pickup and delivery not working. Keep reading to know more about how to overcome this issue.

Why are Walmart pickup and delivery not working?

By far the most convenient feature of the innovation is grocery shopping. Select your required items, pay, and relax on your couch until they reach your doorstep. This feature on Walmart saves your time and energy by reducing the job of getting groceries.

The pickup that you order is processed once you place the list of items and select a convenient time slot. A Walmart personnel will forward an email stating that the order is ready for pickup or delivery. You are able to choose how you will receive the order.

Based on whether you go for pickup or delivery, the order will wait for you to come to get it or it will come to you. Such conveniences are easy to make a part of your daily life. Most importantly, it is an ideal system to have considering the time, money, and energy that is saved.

Now in the event of an issue where this feature fails to work for you, there are some things you would want to know. We have just the information you should be aware of in this situation;

1. Server down

Any online website that has non-stop activities can, at a certain point, disrupt due to various technical obstacles. Such a scenario harbors the server going down. There won’t be any prior notice nor will the issue last long. You are required to await further notice in such a case.

This time is utilized by the concerned authorities to figure out a solution and get the app up and running once again. It should not take too long before the application is back to normal. Hope it helps.

2. Connection issues

Before jumping to conclusions, check your connectivity once more. The malfunction might have occurred due to a fall in the signal strength, or your device might be inconveniently far from the router. Either case can lead to a similar situation. So, try fixing the connectivity to strengthen the working of the application. Hope it helps.

3. Pending updates

Another setback would be the presence of pending updates. In such a situation, the Walmart app would not be able to provide its complete potential and it would be difficult to work with ease. Any update that is available should not be disregarded.

Make sure you find the updates on a regular basis and complete them without delay. Try this out.

walmart pickup and delivery not working

4. Lag in the application

When a system is overloaded, it would tend to lag or not work temporarily. This is a common issue but not a complicated one. A system becomes overloaded when it confines numerous data along with an unwanted cache. These take up a lot of space and thereby reduce the efficiency of the application.

If the Walmart pickup and delivery is not working then you might want to try this method of clearing up the cache. The various cache includes saved data such as your search history. Here is how you can do it;

  • First, launch the application.
  • Then select the ‘menu’
  • Click on ‘History’ and then choose ‘Clear History’.
  • The application will prompt you to select the time range of the history that needs to be cleared.
  • Select ‘Everything’.
  • Now, select the details arrow.
  • From the checklist, check ‘Cache’ and ‘cookies’ only.
  • Conclude by clicking ‘Clear now’.

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5. Issues with the device

There are chances that your device might be affecting the working of the application. If you still find that the Walmart pickup and delivery are not working, then try to restart your device. Then launch the application and try using the pickup or delivery feature once again.

If it works then you are good to go. Hope it helps.


Q1. What happened to the Walmart grocery pick-up app?

The Walmart grocery pick-up application may not be working due to a busy server or maybe it is down. If that is not the case then try checking your internet connectivity. The issue might be resolved if you try clearing your search history and other caches. You could also try to restart your device.

Check for any pending update or await the site to undergo maintenance. Refer to the above article for more details. Hope it helps.

Q2. Why is my Walmart app not working for pickup

There could be various reasons for this issue, ranging from poor connectivity, or the server might be under maintenance. Refer to the above article for more information on how to overcome this issue. Hope it helps.


This article explains the issue of Why Walmart pickup and delivery is not working. We compiled the best reasons for the same. Refer to them for your understanding. Hope it helps.

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