(6 Fixes) Why is my Walmart grocery app not working?

When everything turns to the online world, why should grocery shopping be in the traditional way? Walmart grocery app is one of the innovations that our generation has witnessed over time. So today we are going to discuss why is Walmart grocery app not working.

At large, general population finds grocery shopping a cause for stress and a lot goes waste while dealing with it. But it is surely an essential aspect of our daily life and cannot be left undone for prolonged period of time. So this is where the latest applications plays their role.

The Walmart application is one such tool that has modified our lives and reducing one huge stress from our daily list of to-do stuff. It has indeed made it convenient for us to sit back on our couch and wait for your list of groceries to be priced and send back to you.

You get back quality time and will be able to keep a lot of other expenses like fueling your car, under control. Walmart presents you this provision of a smooth, hassle-free shopping cutting down a lot of expenses and time consumption.

So today we are going to discuss why the Walmart grocery app is not working? Read on to know more on ways to solve this issue.

walmart app not working
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Why is my Walmart grocery app not working?

Since it is an online application that requires a set bandwidth in terms of connection strength, the first thing to troubleshoot would be the internet signal. Then you can proceed to other possible reasons for this issue.

Walmart app harbors the requests of over 200 million online customers. And every week, bulk of orders flows in making the app active constantly. One major reason in pretext, is the breaks required to maintain the Walmart app server.

Given below are more points on the Walmart grocery app issue. Keep reading;

1. Connectivity issues.

This is the first and foremost necessity for a software. If your signals are not strong enough, the application will fail to deliver any responses. Fix the Wi-Fi signals that might be holding back the Walmart app from functioning efficiently. This should help you solve the issue.

2. Look for updates

Your Walmart application may at times close on its own, and your attempts to restore the app or try to login, may be in vain. It could be caused by a lot of reasons and one such reason is discussed below.

Every application needs a timely update which allows them to function and work with ease.

3. Clear cache to fix Walmart grocery app not working.

Any devices or software requires occasional checks for over-flowing storage. This is an essential factor when it comes to solving lag in the program function and timely activities that takes place automatically.

If your mobile has no more space, then it will begin to lag or stop functionally as it would normally. Removing unnecessary data is the way to go about this problem. Similarly, clearing cache from your Walmart app is going to solve the issue where it does not work.

Here is how you can clear cache in the Walmart grocery app;

  • First go to the settings on your device.
  • And then open ‘Apps’.
  • Click on the Walmart application and the select Force stop.
  • Then go to ‘storage and cache’.
  • Click on ‘clear cache’ to clear residues of data that have been unused.
  • Now press ‘clear storage’ to remove all persisting data from the application.
  • Try to launch the Walmart application after this method and check if the issue has disappeared.

4. Reinstall the application.

There might be some sort of bug in the software that causes all the trouble. So the best thing to do would be uninstalling the Walmart application and reinstalling it after that. You also try to make a new account to be on the safer side.

5. Restart your device to fix Walmart application not working.

A quick restart of your device can clear out any technical glitches that could be found in the any of its functions. So go ahead and restart your device. Once it powers on try and launch the application to troubleshoot the issue. Hope it helps.

walmart app not working
Image source: Walmart app not working

6. Install the older version to fix the issue.

Apparently, several users came forward and reported the issue with the latest Walmart application update. The glitch has been evident in the reason months where the users were signed out automatically by the app and the frustration has built out of it.

So if you have not updated to the latest version yet then you need not do so for the time being until Walmart gives a heads-up on any fix. But if you have already made the update, then this might be where the issue rooted from.

Technically, the update has malfunctioned in several devices and this has brought great distress among all Walmart clients. So we have brought you the steps to go through the process of installing the old version of Walmart;

  • For installing the older version of Walmart, go to ‘Walmart APK mirror’ via google.
  • Click on ‘Walmart APKs – APKMirror.’
  • This will open a page with the latest Walmart uploads. These are basically all versions of the Walmart software.
  • The dates of upload can be seen below the titles of the versions. The first few uploads are the latest and the ones with the malfunction.
  • Scroll down until you find the date ‘June 15, 2021’. This is the application version that is different from the current Walmart application.
  • Click on ‘Walmart Shopping & Grocery 21.12.’ and this will open a page that contains the details of this version.
  • Scroll down to see the two available variants of this version. And click on the APK variant to download it.
  • Provide the necessary permissions to initiate the download.

This way, you may enjoy the Walmart application without any malfunction. Hope it helps.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q1. Why is my Walmart grocery app not working?

There are various reasons for this glitch starting from poor connectivity to an issue with the software version that you have installed in your device. Refer to the above article to find out methods to solve this issue.

Q2.  Fix Walmart app not working, crashing, freezing?

The latest version of the Walmart application has glitches reported by many users. These can be fixed either by restarting the device, reinstalling the application, or trying to installing the older version. The details are mentioned above.


This article explains the various methods to fix the Walmart application glitches and other issues. Follow the methods carefully to resolve the issue. Hope it helps.