How to Fix Walmart pay not working (2023)

If Walmart Pay is not working, you have landed on the right page. Here, we have explained why its happening and how to fix it.

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Walmart is a great product company. It has been out there for quite some, providing it’s customers with one of the best experiences. From 2-step verification procedures for it’s employees to Walmart pay, Walmart has got everything for it’s customers. In case you would like to know more about 2-step verification issues of Walmart and how to fix it, click here.

Walmart Pay not working is another issue that we are trying to address in this article. Walmart pay is a great system for contactless payment without the need for cards and such. It has been introduced for a while now and has been an enthusiastic update for the customers.

Walmart Pay not working
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Why is my Walmart pay not working?

Short answer: Walmart pay is not working due to an error with the payment servers, a delayed internet connection or an invalid customer code.

There could be numerous reasons for why Walmart Pay fails to work at certain times or with certain users. We have tried listing the possible causes for Walmart pay not working below:

Reason 1- The app is out of date

Payment is a high priority process. Every company ensures their payment security is up to date so that their customers do not face any issues. This is the same for companies like Walmart.

If your app has not recieved the latest payment update, because of Using outdated version, you would most like run into payment failed issues again and again.

Reason 2- Poor Internet Connection

Another reason could be that your internet connection is weak or absent. Usually stores are provided with WiFi but at times even that could be out of reach. Or your mobile data might be struggling to find good network in a closed store.

Reason 3- Invalid or obsolete login credentials

Walmart Pay would only work once it has verified your login credentials to be correct. This means if your login credentials are wrong or have been modified in a way that the system is not able to process, you would get Walmart pay not working error.

This can also happen if your account is blocked or banned by the Walmart company itself for various actions and breaking terms and conditions.

Reason 4- Walmart servers are down

Last reason could be a server failure. Since Walmart would require extensive verification of the user before it can validate payment of a purchase, a failed server would ultimately block it. At times the whole payment system could fail to even load as well.

Server failures could either be local, based on weather changes to electric failure or important maintanence by the store. A wide area server downtime, otherwise, would be announced prior to going offline, so that customers can come prepared with cards, or cash for the product they purchase.

Why is Walmart Pay declined but card works

Like I mentioned, there are several reasons for this to happen. Walmart Pay has been introduced as a method to solve the issue of bringing cards or cash to Walmart stores in order to pay.

Walmart Pay simply requires scanning the QR code through your phone to pay without need for you to bring your wallet at all. This method has been introduced by Walmart exclusively for payment on it’s store and is thus liable to failure at times.

The reasons your Walmart Pay is not working but the cards is probably because of similar events. These are:

Reason 1- Failure of Walmart Pay system due to system maintenance

System maintenance for updating the security of Walmart Pay is probably the main culprit behind the errors you are getting. This means the servers are simply not accepting the Walmart Pay method as a payment form at the time. It is not the fault of users, rather it would be fixed by the company in some time.

Since your card is from a different payment service provider, such as Visa or MasterCard, the channels for transaction are open and not under maintenance, thus the cards are able to perform transaction for purchases whenever Walmart Pay fails to work.

Reason 2- Poor Internet Connection

Internet connection once again plays an important role in helping the transaction to complete. However the card swyping system works differently and does not rely on internet.

The customer end of Walmart Pay does indeed rely on internet services and an absence of service would mean the Pay would fail to work. This is another reason why Walmart Pay is declined and card works.

How to fix Walmart pay not working

Walmart pay could be not working due to a variety of reasons stated above. However, we have got a bunch of fixes that would probably fix the issue for you. So let us jump into the solutions without further ado!

Method 1- Fixing the Internet Connection

The first and foremost thing to make sure is to check if your internet connection is normal and stable. This can be done by simply opening YouTube and checking how a video is running. If your mobile data is struggling for reception in a store, try searching for any WiFi networks.

Often stores have WiFi for their employees which are not open to public. Under specific circumstances, you can ask an employee for the password so you can access the WiFi for payment or other important purposes.

Method 2- Waiting under the system maintenance is complete

If the system maintenance is going on for Walmart Pay, this would mean that your best step is to either wait until it is fixed or pay using cash or credit card. The time taken to fix an issue may depend on what level it is caused on. A server maintenance schedule would probably take longer than usual so waiting in that case is not possible.

Walmart Pay not working

You can check the through Temporary glitches However might be fixed in some time with the payment system rebooted so it can work fine.

Method 3- Update the App

The Walmart app would need to be up to date for latest security for the Walmart Pay system. In case your Walmart app is out of date beyond a certain level, using the Pay system might not be possible. It is also possible that the app is so old that the Pay system is not in it yet.

Method 4- Fixing invalid or obsolete credentials

These are the hardest to fix if the credentials for some reasons have been deemed to be invalid. Try logging into walmart from If you notice there has been some error in the credentials or the billing details, try to rectify it.

If you are unable to correct an information, or if all seems to be correct, you might need to contact the customer support for help. You can try contacting the customer support by clicking on the following link

If you are unable to find a fix for your issue, you can try the Contact Us button to reach the customer care executives.


Q1- I am unable to contact the customer care executives.

If you are still unable to contact any person for the Walmart company to solve your Walmart Pay not working issue, you might need to dial this number 1-800-925-6278. A customer support staff would pick up your call, where you can state your issues or your complains.

They might even enlighten you about the current status of Walmart pay and whether or not it is undergoing some issue or maintenance.

Q2- How do I pay for products if I am unable to use Walmart Pay?

If you cannot use Walmart Pay you might need to pay via cash or Credit Card/ ATM Card you own. In case you don’t have cash or card on yourself, you would not be able to purchase the product.

It is recommended to carry a bit of cash always in case of failure of digital services as it might come in handy.

Final words:

So in this article we discussed What Walmart Pay is, why Walmart Pay not working and why the cards such as ATM or credit cards might work successfully but the Walmart Pay is failing to work. We hope this article helped you solve the issue and finish your purchase.

You can read more of our articles on Walmart issues such as Fix Walmart 2-step verification not working [4 Ways]. Stay tuned for more How-to article like these!

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