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A great store for buying products, Walmart. For years, customers have trusted Walmart with it products, their pricing, availability and authenticity. In the present times Walmart has advanced a lot. For example, it recently bought Flipkart and aiming to expand it services online hugely.

However, for a big and trusted company like Walmart, it is only logical that they would aim to provide the best security in online shopping services. One of the features that Walmart provides it’s users for the same is Walmart 2-step verification process.

Walmart 2-step verification
Image Source: Walmart

The feature is available for employees and contains a six digit rotating code that is sent to the phone via text or call to confirm the identity. The employees use it for checking payslips, dates among other important things.

It is a helpful feature for enhancing the security and thus increasing the overall interaction of users with Walmart. While we discuss how to fix this issue, you can also check how to fix Walmart not working.

What is the 2-step verification for Walmart

Walmart 2-step an electronic verification system in which a person is granted access to the Walmart account or services only after they provide two different pieces of proof. This is true for other apps or companies using 2-step verification as well.

The app generally has an option to enable 2-step verification and would use your provided details for the verification process. It generally includes mobile phone number, email address, among other things.

In case the app fails to get the right verification code from even one of the pieces of proof, the app fails to login. This method is increasingly used by banks and other system to improve the security of accounts.

Ofcourse a stolen phone might result in succesful login because the person might have access to verification codes, or OTPs from all the proof pieces. But in case someone got hold of your phone number, and the 2-step verification included email then the user would not be able to login.

As you can see, 2-step verification are a necessity and quite simple security functionalities one should use. Let us see ways which prevent it from working normally. Afterwards we would learn how to fix the issues as easily as possible.

Why is Walmart 2-step verification not working

Short answer: Walmart 2-step verification is not working due to an error with the registered account or the newly added method of verification, such as a phone number. A server issue, which is common with 2-step verification is also responsible for this.

While we discussed the causes in short, a lot of these are very similar although they require different approaches to solve them. We will discuss the causes before we dive into the solutions.

Reason 1- Invalid or wrong method of verification

In case of Invalid method of verification, such as a method or phone number that does not exist would lead to an error when the app is being provided that specific proof. Sometimes the app might not even raise issue if the invalid proof is address. This will lead to the 2-step verification failing to work later on when used.

A similar case is inputting the wrong method of verification. If you use a phone number that exists but is not currently with you, the 2-step verification will work but you would never get the OTP to verify. Theoretically it could be said there is no issue with the 2-step verification in this case. However due to wrong credentials it would fail to work for you.

Reason 2- Not removing the old credentials as a proof before adding a new one

Another common reason associated with the Walmart 2-step verification failure is not removing your old credentials when you are updating to newer ones. Generally the old credentials would stay as long as you do not follow a specific set of instructions to remove them.

This means as long as they persist, adding a new credentials would be rendered invalid. We will discuss the ways to add a new credentials shortly under the solutions.

Reason 3- Glitch from server

Glitches are nothing rare, and with big servers and complex programming such as in Walmart, glitches become quite common. They are just malfunction of the programs created to prevent exploitation of the data. When they fail to work, the site instead of answering simply prefers denying the request.

This also makes sense as users would be more comfortable being denied a request they made because of it being suspicious rather than have someone else open their account easily.

How do you do the 2-step verification for Walmart

The process of 2-step verification for Walmart might be a little more complex than you expect. Compared to other apps and companies that easily allow 2-step verification, this is definitely a bit tricky.

First of all the person needs to be on company device of Walmart, or on a corporate network’s. Those users who want to access their Walmart account from their home would need to enable it from their corporate store’s computer before being able to log in.

How to enroll in the 2-step Verification process

This workstation is essential to enable if you need 2-step verification to work properly and access Walmart from home desktop or computer.

  • Step 3- Go to the search bar and search ‘2-step verification’ or ‘2-factor authentication’.
  • Step 4- Press enter to search.

Wait for the Walmart One sign up page to lad up.

  • Step 5- Follow the instructions, filling in the details and continue as you would on any other website.

That’s it! You have successfully enrolled in the Walmart 2-step verification process.

How to use Walmart 2-step verification process

Symantec 2-step verification system needs to be enabled to verify the user. Therefore you will need to follow these steps to do the same.

  • Step 1- While still on the ASDA network, click on this link:
  • Step 2- Input your ASDA login credentials.
  • Step 3- Ensure that you have the right country selected in the list.
  • Step 4- Recheck and ensure that your account has been logged in properly.
  • Step 5- Choose a method to send you the OTP or verification code.
Walmart 2-step verification
Image Source: Walmart

This could be either a phone call, text or app. Setting these up would lead to the verification code being send there in future.

  • Step 6- Using appropriate details, complete the Walmart 2-step verification by clicking on the desired text, call or app option.

How to Fix Walmart 2-step verification not working

There are few but general ways to ensure and fix Walmart 2-step verification not working issue. They have been listen below:

Method 1- Ensure the device is online

The device on which you would recieve the call or the text is very crucial. If your device is switched off or discharged or somewhere else, you would not be able to recieve the verification code.

Method 2- Input the correct verification details

One of the most common mistakes that leads to this issue is not double checking the data that is entered into the Walmart 2-step verification process. Always fill in the details carefully and double check. It never hurts to spend two minutes more for a hassle free tomorrow.

Method 3- Ensure the Walmart services are up and working.

If the site is failing to load for example, or pictures fail to load, load incompletely or load slowly, the servers may be facing a lot of load. This means you would get your verification code a little slower than you usually do.

Instead of clicking on resend, wait for the code patiently and input it when it arrives.

Method 4- Contact Customer Support to remove old phone number, email address etc.

Due to enhanced security you cannot directly edit the verification details. You would need to contact the customer support and tell your issue to them. They would, after proper verification, change the details for you. This way you can log in easily.

Employees from US can call 479-273-4357.

Meanwhile, customers can also call 1-(800)925-6278.


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Q1- Why do I need Walmart 2-step verification system?

Walmart 2-step verification system is built for enhanced security for the employees. This means a random person would be unable to access your employee account from home or from outside the corporate the computer. This helps in maintaining the security and safety for employees.

Q2- What do I do if i misplaced/ lost my verification phone number/ email?

We have already stated the customer support numbers that can be used in cases of required assistance. This includes getting your phone number or email address changed in cases of lost verification data. The company will properly assist, verify and take care of the issue.

Final words:

The Walmart One 2-step verification is definitely complex but great setting to protect yourself from the doubt of your account being operated from somewhere without your knowledge. We hope that we have covered all the required details of how to enroll and use it in your account. Stay tuned for more How tos related to various issues!

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