[7 Reasons] Why Is My Walmart Gift Card Not Working?

Is your Walmart gift card not working?

Walmart gift card not working at self checkout?

If you are having issue while using the Walmart gift card, you have landed on the right page.

Here, we have explaine all you need to know why its happeing and what you can do to fix it.

So, let’s gets started.

Non-reloadable prepaid cards, like the Walmart Visa gift card, have a predetermined amount of money on them. The nicest thing about the Walmart Visa gift card is that it never expires. You may use the gift card at any time after purchasing it. As long as there is money on the card, it may be used for repeated purchases.

In addition to using the Walmart Visa gift card at Walmart, you may spend it at any business that accepts Visa Debit Cards worldwide. For events like Christmas, birthdays, holidays, weddings, etc., this sort of gift card will be appropriate.

This gift card can be used in-store, online, over the phone, and by mail order. In recent years, gift cards for Walmart have become increasingly popular as a method to show appreciation for someone by giving them to that person.

When making purchases using a Walmart gift card, though, there are a few things that may potentially go wrong.

In this post, we will discuss a few of the potential causes for why your gift card is not functioning properly.

Why is my Walmart gift card not working?

Short answer: Your Walmart Visa Gift Card is not working either because the card has not been activated, the cashier is making a mistake, or the customer is being charged more than what is on the card.

Gift cards from Walmart have essentially prepaid debit cards that can be used either in-store or online.

They are offered in a number of different denominations and may be redeemed for a range of different products, including food, clothes, and other items for the house.

Gift cards purchased at Walmart never go out of date and may be used anyplace that accepts Mastercard for payment.

But recently, a lot of people are finding that their Walmart Visa gift cards don’t work. In this post, we’ll look at some possible reasons why that might be.

Walmart gift card

Reason 1- Card not activated

Visa gift cards are connected to bank accounts that, in most cases, need to be made active in order to be able to accept transactions.

If an inactive card is used to make a payment, the transaction will be denied since the connected bank accounts are not now available for usage. Consider the dozens upon dozens of gift cards that are displayed on racks at the supermarket.

The plastic does not have any value until either the gift cards themselves or the accounts that are connected with the gift cards are loaded with funds. Whether you choose to purchase your Visa gift cards in-store or online, the same rules apply to using them.

Reason 2- The Gift card isn’t being run correctly

At the point of purchase (POS) terminal, you will be required to enter a Personal Identification Number (PIN) in order to use a Visa gift card to conduct a “debit” transaction. If the gift card does not have a PIN, the transaction should be processed as a “credit.”

Please be aware that it is not possible to withdraw cash from an ATM or a bank using the vast majority of gift cards, even if they are labeled as prepaid debit cards. For your protection, read the terms and conditions printed on the back of your card.

Ask the cashier for assistance if your gift card is not functioning properly or if you are unsure how the gift card should be processed.

Reason 3- Gift Card Balance Is Less than the purchase amount

Visa gift cards are connected to bank accounts that do not allow for overdrafts to be created. If the amount of the purchase is more than the balance available on the card, the transaction may not go through.

Ask the cashier to break the purchase into two transactions so that you may use your Visa gift card to pay for part of the purchase. After the value of the gift card has been subtracted from the total cost of the transaction using the first method of payment, proceed to the second method of payment.

Reason 4- Preauthorization amount exceeds card value at the gas station

The total cost of a purchase made using a Visa gift card at a petrol pump cannot be determined since the card is not scanned. Therefore, the majority of the time, gas station pumps will pre-authorize at least $75 on the card that is swiped.

It is possible that the transaction will not go through if the pre-authorization amount is more than the value of the card. Make your purchase within the store to prevent this hold from being placed on your gift card. Instruct the attendant to charge only the amount that you have specified.

Reason 5- Online Merchant Treating the Card like Cash

The vast majority of Visa gift cards cannot be cashed in for cash. However, there are certain online shops that will accept bank-issued gift cards as a form of payment in place of cash. Because of this, the issuer of the gift card must refuse to complete the transaction because it is against the law for them to permit the receiver of a gift card to get cash from the card.

This takes occurs rather regularly with incoming transactions from PayPal, occasionally with eBay purchases, and even infrequently at Amazon.com.

If you have verified that your address is correct and that your gift card balance is sufficient to cover the cost of the transaction, but you are still presented with a decline message by an online retailer, you should contact the gift card issuer to determine whether or not the retailer is attempting to process the transaction as a cash purchase.

Reason 6- You are trying to Make an International Purchase

It’s possible that this will strike you as odd, but Visa gift cards purchased in the United States can only be used within the country’s borders.

The usage of Visa gift cards is restricted to purchases made within the United States. This restriction extends to transactions made over the phone or via non-American websites.

Reason 7- Waiting Period on Your Card

There are certain gift card vendors that, for a set amount of time often between 24 and 48 hours, do not let shop-bought gift cards be used outside of the business. There may be a time limit on the use of your Visa gift card, which would explain why the card is not working.

Examine the terms and conditions printed on the card as well as the receipt to obtain this information. There ought to be a notification either on the card itself or on the receipt that you received.

The waiting period or time delay is a fraud prevention feature that ensures the gift card was not purchased using a stolen credit card. This is done by ensuring that the card was not used to make a transaction.

The activation of the gift card will take place once the purchase transaction has been verified. In the event that the system is not fully automated in this manner, then the waiting period serves the purpose of ensuring that gift cards have not been obtained through fraudulent means.

What do I do if my gift card isn’t working?

There are a few things you may do if your Walmart gift card is not functioning properly; these will give you the best chance of fixing the problem.

Method 1- Activate the Walmart visa gift card

Activating the Walmart Visa gift card is a necessary step that must be taken before using the card. The Walmart Visa gift card has a highly user-friendly activation process. You can activate the card by following the instructions for activation that are included on the back of the card’s package or on the sticker that is located on the front of the page.

In addition, you may activate your Walmart Prepaid Visa Gift Card in the online account management system.

Please proceed in the following manner.

  • Step 1-To begin, launch a web browser on your personal computer.
  • Step-2 Navigate to www.walmartgift.com at this time, and once the website has completely loaded, select the “Register” option.
  • Step-3 After that, you will be required to input the 16-digit number that is located on the front of the card, in addition to the expiration date, and the three-digit security code that is located on the back of the card.
  • Step-4 After that, an activation code will be sent to your email address.
  • Step-5 Activate the card by entering the activation code at this point.
  • Step-6 When you have finished the activation procedure, your gift card will be ready for use.

Method 2-Try using the card at another store or website

Using the card at a different store or online is another solution to this issue. Although it would appear to be a fairly typical solution, many individuals have reported that this solution was successful for them.

Method 3- Call customer care

If you’ve verified all of these things, but your Visa gift card is still not working, you should either contact the phone number or visit the website that is normally mentioned on the back of the card. To find out the specific reason why your card is not functioning, you will need to get in touch with the firm that issued it.


Q1-Is There A Pin For My Walmart Visa Gift Card?

Your Walmart visa gift card does, in fact, have a pin, and that pin is the same as the final four digits of your gift card number.

Q2-How Do I Purchase The Walmart Visa Gift Card?

Any Walmart location, Sam’s Club, and PayPal are the only places where you may purchase a Walmart Visa gift card. However, you can buy one at any Walmart location.

Final Words

All transactions involving online casinos, pornographic websites, money transfer services, PayPal, and recurring payments for bills will be denied.

You should check the terms and conditions printed on the back of your Visa gift card to determine if there are any further restrictions.

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