[Fix] Youtube Premium Family Plan Not Working (2021)

We all have faced YouTube Premium ads and notifications when using YouTube. Everytime you pressed no it seemed more and more how much effort Google put in promoting the premium subscription for YouTube. The same is even available for family, but it does not works at times. This article covers how to fix the YouTube premium family plan not working issue.

Other than that I would walk you through the basics, such as what YouTube premium is, what it offers and how much does it cost, among other things so make sure that you keep reading!

What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is the premium subscription provided by YouTube and includes many benefits. If you think the premium Subscription to YouTube might be a total waste of money, you would rethink once you happen to know about what it offers.

fix YouTube premium family plan not working
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First and foremost it offers ad free experience on YouTube which is a great thing because recently these ads have been getting on our nerves a little too much. You would even find five-minute ads and some double ads that are not skippable. Apart from ad-free YouTube experience you also get ad-free Google Play Music Subscription and YouTube music subscription.

Sadly Google Play music is closed now so cut it out of the list. You will also find yourself enjoying the Picture in Picture mode (that feature where YouTube gets all small and fits in one corner) with the premium. And all of this comes for $11.99 per month. Oh and let’s not follow free access YouTube originals, which more and more users are using everyday.

What about the YouTube premium family plan?

YouTube decided that you would be able to provide, or sort of include your family in the same subscription by paying just 8$ more. You can add up to 5 family members so this is really beneficial as they get the same features as you do.

But this feature is only available to users who share the same household. In case Google determines or decides that you are not in the same household as the owner of YouTube premium, you would not be able to access to it. But there could be one more reason, so let’s dive into it.

Fix YouTube premium family plan not working
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How to fix YouTube premium family plan not working?

There are two main reasons for this, one that I already stated above, which happens to be more of criteria than an issue.

The other possible cause is that you only bought the YouTube premium. You should remember that family plan only works if your upgrade to it. It is not available directly. If this is the case, upgrade your YouTube premium membership here.

If you are facing the household address issue, try changing your address in Google Pay app to the same as the owners. This will likely fix it. If it does not, contact Google team and ask for support. They would be glad to help.


The following article discussed how to fix the YouTube Premium Family plan not working. I hope the article proves useful to you.

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