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For someone who is a Medical School student, you certainly did not expect me to be here. But here I am, due to my fondness for technology, games and science. There is just something really sweet about technology that has helped in binding us together, so it is not surprising that I love to talk about it. And with the same technology, you could connect with me easily, so feel free to!
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Insignia TV input Source Problem (Try These Fixes)

Insignia TVs are superb for regular use. They are cheap, have almost

Shujaat Karim 9 Min Read

How to Get m3u Playlist for TeaTV (Live TV Playlist)

A m3u playlist is a list of IPTV channels provided generally by

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LG Subwoofer Not Working No Light : 7 Things to do

LG subwoofer not working? We have heard this from more users than

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Fix: Stremio Addons not Working (Stremio ‘No Streams were Found’)

As we have mentioned in my earlier articles about Stremio and its

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(2024) Fix: Vizio TV Lagging, Freezing, Buffering

Vizio TV has an established name in the sector of Television. There

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