LG Subwoofer Not Working No Light : 7 Things to do

LG subwoofer not working? We have heard this from more users than you can imagine recently. This article, we hope, will fix this issue for you.

LG established its name as a quality brand a long time ago. From smartphones to refrigerators to sound systems, it has its fixed place in everything. The latest addition to its series of quality products is the subwoofer, included in the speaker system.

However, people have been reporting that the subwoofer’s light does not work. Let us see what might be causing it and how to solve it.

Why is the LG subwoofer not working, no light?

Short answer: There could be many possibilities. The light might be blown or damaged, the power supply might be inadequate, or damaged hardware/ PCB Board are some of the main issues.

Reason 1- Broken LED light

A broken LED light, while uncommon due to voltage regulation by the circuit board, can still occur in devices like subwoofers.

Factors such as shock, high voltage, and moisture can cause the LED to malfunction, leading to the subwoofer not working and showing no light indication.

Reason 2- Damaged or faulty Hardware

A common issue noticed and even reported by users is that the PCB of LG subwoofers die more often than expected.

LG subwoofer not working
A representation of a burnt PCB

A user, by the username TitanNut88 reported that the LED light on the LG subwoofer was not working, and it was backed up by multiple other users as can be seen here using this link.

This is caused due to broken hardware/ motherboard or in other terms PCB.

We have got a solution for it though, so do not worry and keep on reading.

Reason 3- Faulty power supply/ source

What if the power outlet you are using is not delivering enough current, or not delivering current at all?

It could be defective, leading to no power supply to the subwoofer. If your subwoofer does not get enough power supply, it will fail to work properly.

In such scenarios, the LED would not blink and the LG subwoofer not working issue will occur.

Power outages could be a common reason for this, including damaged electricity board.

Reason 4- Incorrect Pairing

Incorrect pairing between a subwoofer and a soundbar can lead to issues, with the subwoofer’s LED light blinking continuously instead of remaining constant, indicating a failure to properly connect.

Reason 5- Damage to the Power cord

If the LG subwoofer’s power cord has been mishandled or exposed to damaging conditions, such as moisture, sunlight, or physical strain, it may be damaged and unable to conduct electricity.

Signs of this include the cord only transmitting power when positioned in specific ways, indicating internal damage.

LG subwoofer not working no light: what to do

There are quite a few fixes for this, although they are all issue specific. So one method might not work for another issue.

The first one, however, should be tried first before trying the others.

Method 1- Unplug and Plug the cable

The most straightforward thing you should try first is to unplug the power cable from the power outlet and keep it for 15 seconds.

Afterward, plug the cable back in. Let the subwoofer boot up by pressing the power button.

If this was a temporary glitch, it should be fixed using this method easily. If it is not, look for more specific methods to fix your issue mentioned below.

Method 2- Checking the LED bulb

It is important to check if it is just the LED bulb that is malfunctioning. But how does one check it?

Well, it is quite easy, simply boot up the device using the regular method and try to use it with another device to produce sound.

You would not have confirmation if the process is indeed happening, ultimately an audible sound might confirm that the core machinery is fine and the LED is just fused.

In this case, you can either bring it to an electronics store so that they can provide your LG subwoofer with a new LED or visit the customer care center as well for the same.

Method 3- Getting the hardware repaired

If the LED issue is suspected to be motherboard-related, the best approach is to have the PCB checked at an authorized service center.

If damaged, having it replaced by LG customer service is the safest option, which could be free under warranty. Remember to claim this if applicable.

Method 4- Checking the power source

The power source needs to be checked as well to ensure nothing is left behind. There might be a power outage or a voltage drop.

This could be best determined by the user themselves in the area where they live in.

If there is no power outage, test if the power output is bugged.

Using another simple device, such as an electric device, might confirm if it is working properly or not.

Always be safe and call an electrician if you find any short circuits or damages.

Method 5- Ensuring appropriate pairing

Without appropriate pairing, the LG subwoofer LED light will not change.

The method to pair the LG subwoofer and soundbar together is quite easy.

Just make sure that they are near two feet of each other for the initial pairing and plugged into the power outlets.

After being plugged in, the LED will blink multiple times, indicating it is not paired.

Hold the pairing/ Bluetooth button for about five seconds on both of them.

After a while, they should turn a green constant Color, which indicates they are paired successfully.

Method 6- Using a different power cord

In case you are facing an LG subwoofer not working, and the issue is not fixed by any of the above methods, try changing the power cord.

If you are sure it is damaged, you might have to order one online specifically for your LG subwoofer.

Once you plug in the new power cord, which was a probable cause for the LG subwoofer not working, your subwoofer would power on and begin the pairing process.

So there you go, a working sound system!

Method 7- Contacting the customer care

Contacting customer care is essential when you do not know how to proceed or the troubleshooting fails to provide useful information.

You will also need to contact them to locate the nearest authorized LG store in case you have a broken PCB in the subwoofer.

By visiting this link, you can initiate a chat with them and mention your issues.

You can also request a repair pickup! Simply click on the option you need to proceed with it.

How to reset the LG subwoofer

If nothing works, resetting is always a good method to try.

The LG subwoofer’s reset method might differ for each model, so kindly refer to your brochure to know how to proceed.

A common way is to hold the ‘Input’ and the ‘Bluetooth’ button located on the back of the Subwoofer.

If this does not work for you, try holding down the ‘Power’ button with the ‘Bluetooth’ button until you see the light turn off.

From here you can do a normal start-up of the subwoofer.


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Final words:

In this article, we discussed what causes the LG subwoofer not working issue and how we can fix it. If you found the article to be helpful, be sure to check out other latest article about Samsung Subwoofer: (7 Reasons) Samsung subwoofer Not Working [Fixed].

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