7 Fixes : LG Subwoofer Cutting Out Randomly

The LG brand is also revered for its rigorous quality assurance procedures. Homeowners and audiophiles alike favor LG subwoofers for their impressive bass output and stylish design.

Many LG subwoofer users, however, have complained that their devices randomly shut off, which may be extremely annoying.

You won’t be able to hear the full range of the LG Subwoofer’s bass and sub-bass tones since woofers can’t reproduce the lower frequencies at which subwoofers operate.

Depending on how old it is and what kind it is, you could run into a variety of issues with your subwoofer. It is not very common for subwoofers to cut in and out, but it does happen occasionally.

By following some basic troubleshooting procedures, you should be able to zero in on the root cause of this issue and put an end to it in no time.

Why does my LG wireless subwoofer cutting out

Short answer: Your LG wireless subwoofer is cutting out because of Bluetooth interference, old firmware, power problems, damage to the subwoofer, or a weak signal.

LG subwoofers have risen in popularity thanks to their high sound quality and sleek design. Wireless subwoofers are an easy and convenient method to add tremendous bass to your home cinema system.

Despite this, many users have reported experiencing frequent problems with their LG subwoofers. When you are trying to watch something on your TV but your LG subwoofers keep cutting out, it probably isn’t the most pleasant experience. There are a few different scenarios that could be causing the cutouts that your LG wireless subwoofer is giving you, so it is important to rule out each one.

Image Source: lg.com
Image Source: lg.com

Reason 1 – Bluetooth interference

When the sound from your LG subwoofer suddenly stops, one of the most common and obvious causes is that there is too much Bluetooth interference happening around it. When you got to that point, your subwoofer was presumably already linked to a device via Bluetooth.

In addition, there are an excessive number of gadgets with Bluetooth connectivity in the area. These Bluetooth broadcasts cause the sound bar’s Bluetooth signals to become garbled and cause the sound bar to stop working properly.

Reason 2 – Outdated Firmware

It’s possible that the issue is not with the subwoofer itself or the signal, but rather with the programming that controls the subwoofer. It is possible for the subwoofer to stop working if the firmware is an outdated version.

Your subwoofer cannot analyze the data because it is running an outdated version of the software that came with it. Streaming music or other shows through your subwoofer may be negatively affected as a result of this.

Reason 3 – Power issues

Problems with the power supply are another typical cause of a subwoofer’s failure to function properly. It is possible for the subwoofer to stop working if it is not receiving enough amount of power.

Reason 4 – Damaged subwoofer

Now, this particular factor is pretty clear-cut evidence of why that issue exists. Any sort of physical damage that your subwoofer sustains may have an effect on the components that are contained therein. which, in the end, may result in troubles for the subwoofer.

Reason 5 – Weak signal

Another possible cause of your LG wireless subwoofer shutting out is a weak signal. When the subwoofer is placed too far from the main audio system, the signal quality suffers.

Fix: LG subwoofer cutting out (keep disconnecting)

In the midst of enjoying their favorite media, subwoofer users may be subjected to both enthralling and frustrating interactions.

However, you need not be concerned. Because of this, the structure of our guide is intended to begin with the approaches that are the least complicated and work their way up to those that are the most involved.

Follow the solutions we provide in the order that they were provided!

Method 1 – Use a wired connection

If you’re having troubles with your LG subwoofer, such as connectivity issues or audio issues, using a cable connection instead of a wireless one may help.

By connecting your subwoofer and soundbar through wires, you can lessen the chance of interference with your wireless signal and guarantee a more steady and trustworthy connection.

Getting your sound system up and running is as easy as plugging in a few cables.

You can use an optical, HDMI, or AUX connection to link your LG subwoofer to your soundbar.

Using the following steps, you may quickly and conveniently connect your Soundbar and Subwoofer by wire:

  • Step 1- The subwoofer and soundbar should be turned off.
  • Step 2- Put the Soundbar away and unplug it.
  • Step 3- Jointly attach the Soundbar and the Subwoofer.
  • Step 4– A common Optical Cable can be used between the two devices. Cables for audio/video input and output (HDMI and AUX/component)
  • Step 5- In order to power the Soundbar, you must plug it in.
  • Step 6– Engage the Subwoofer and Soundbar.
  • Step 7– When everything is set up, you may test the sound quality by playing any sound.

However, proceed to the following option if the issue persists when using a wired connection.

Method 2 – Use different cables

It is common for the speaker to cut in and out if you are utilizing a wired subwoofer because of a problem with the connection cords. In point of fact, the majority of these subwoofer issues can be traced back to this one quite a straightforward problem.

Simple; just stock up on replacement wires and swap them out anytime the subwoofer stops working. If you see an instant improvement in the situation, the wires were likely the cause of the issue. Because it is the least expensive and most straightforward solution, changing the cords should always be the first step in the troubleshooting process.

Method 3 – Update firmware

The performance of the subwoofer can be improved by updating its firmware, which can also cure any faults or other problems that may be hindering its functioning. Updating the firmware on your subwoofer, regardless of whether it is an LG or another brand, is a process that is quite easy to complete and can assist in ensuring that your subwoofer is operating to its full potential.

In this case, though, we’ll need to use our wits, as the issue is typically associated with the Soundbar and not the Subwoofer.

As a result of this, we will need to upgrade the primary component, which will be the Soundbar, in order to prevent the Subwoofer from cutting out.

  • Step 1– Using the LG Music Flow app, update your soundbar:
  • Step 2– Install the LG Soundbar Music Flow app on your device.
  • Step 3- Establish a connection between the app and your Soundbar.
  • Step 4– To adjust the app’s settings, tap the Menu button.
  • Step 5- Verify that the version info does not mention Outdated.
  • Step 6– Simply select the Update option from the menu.

Your Soundbar will require a restart once the update has been successfully applied.

Method 4 – Reduce Bluetooth interference

When your Subwoofer is linked to the Soundbar via Bluetooth, there are several things that can cause interference, and you will need to find a solution to each of these issues. LG subwoofers can occasionally experience performance issues as a result of interference from Bluetooth, which can be a prevalent problem.

Because interference can cause the subwoofer to cut out or disconnect, the listening experience will be marred by poor audio quality and a diminished sense of satisfaction.

The thing you may do is move through each room of your home and remove all of your electronic devices from the Bluetooth connections they were using. Overloading a system causes interference, and there is a limit to how many connections it can handle at once. Reduce as much as you can the number of things in your house that is connected to your Bluetooth network.

Make sure that the distance between your subwoofer and your audio system is not further than what is advised. The distance that is suggested to keep a safe distance can change depending on the specific

Method 5 – Power cycle both the soundbar and subwoofer

By cycling the power on your LG subwoofer and soundbar, you can help reset the device and erase any temporary malfunctions or faults that may be the source of the problems you are experiencing.

This is a more sophisticated restart, and we’ll be doing it on both our LG Soundbar and Subwoofer to restore their optimal performance.

  • Step 1- Find the button or switch that controls the power to your subwoofer, then deactivate it.
  • Step 2– Turn off the source and unplug the soundbar and subwoofer from the LG.
  • Step 3– Wait a few minutes after unplugging the subwoofer so that the device has time to fully reset after you have done so. When turning the subwoofer back on, it will help ensure that any temporary problems have been resolved and that it is in a clean state when it is powered up again.

Test if the sound still cuts out when you turn on the Soundbar and Subwoofer again.

Method 6 – Factory reset

In the event that you have tried each of the aforementioned options, but the LG Subwoofer continues to emit the sound with interruptions, it is essential to conduct a Factory Reset on the device.

Unfortunately, we are unable to factory reset the subwoofers, so we will have to apply the approach once more to the LG Soundbar, which is the primary component of the system. This can help cure a variety of difficulties, including Bluetooth interference, connectivity issues, and software bugs.

To reset the factory settings on your LG Soundbar:

  • Step 1- It’s time to power up the LG sound bar.
  • Step 2- Keep pressing the Input and Bluetooth buttons until the device responds.
  • Step 3– Hold them together for 15 seconds
  • Step 4– The Soundbar will begin the process of being reset.
  • Step 5– Please be patient while the Soundbar a restart.
  • Step 6– After resetting re-pair the gadgets or use a cable to link them together.

Method 7 – Call professional

If there are problems with the hardware, you will need to seek the assistance of a professional. If you are not a mechanic, there is probably little you can do about any hardware damages that have occurred. Aside from that, the software problems you’re having with your sound bar are easy to fix.

Final Words

If you’re having difficulties with your LG subwoofer, check the user manual or get in touch with LG support; each model has its own unique combination of features and settings that can affect performance.

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