Bumble Icons Meaning (Explained)

In this day and age, dating apps have developed into an essential component of contemporary romantic relationships.

Bumble, which is one of the most prominent platforms in this industry, has been increasingly popular due to the distinctive way in which it approaches online dating.

A wide range of icons are incorporated into Bumble in addition to the ability to swipe right or left to improve user engagement and communication.

In this piece, we will dig into the realm of Bumble icons, analyzing their meanings and investigating how they influence the entire user experience.

Bumble Icons Meaning

Match & Messaging:

  • Yellow heart (Superswipe)

Yellow heart

The Bumble yellow heart, which is also referred to as a Superswipe of Bumble, is an effective instrument that may be utilized in your search for love.

As a result of the fact that this will move you to the top of the matching queue of anybody you use it on, it is important to save them for the appropriate individual.

  • Gray speech bubble

Gray speech bubble

You may access the Chat function of Bumble by clicking on the gray speech bubble that is located at the bottom of your screen.

This provides you with a direct entry point to the discussions and communications that are now taking place within the app.

  • Gray clock with yellow fill

By activating Snooze Mode, you are able to temporarily pause your Bumble or Bumble For Friends account without preventing any of your information from being deleted or any of your current connections and discussions from being lost.

  • Blue speech bubble with checkmark

This indicates that the contact in question is either actively active or engaged in the use of their device and is able to receive RCS. There is a similarity between the blue speech bubble and the active status on Facebook; however, rather of being green, it is blue.

The blue speech bubble that appears next to their name will emerge whenever they are online and using messages with the system.

  • Red X

To make it clear that a profile is not interesting to you, you can utilize the red X icon. In the same way as swiping left on a picture, it takes the same action.

Utilizing the swipe left action will delete the profile from your screen without requiring any additional action on your part.

Profile Enhancements:

  • Yellow diamond (Spotlight)

Bumble Spotlight Icon

When you are actively utilizing Bumble Spotlight, known as a premium service used by paying customers, the Bumble Spotlight sign will only appear on your screen.

By turning on Bumble Spotlight, you may increase the number of matches you receive by making yourself more noticeable to other users on the app.

  • Blue checkmark

Blue checkmark

The presence of a blue checkmark next to a person’s name on Bumble is a straightforward indication that the individual has successfully verified their account.

Bumble allows you to verify your account from inside the settings of your account.

  • Interest badges

Users of Bumble have the ability to highlight their interests, hobbies, and activities on their profiles through the usage of a tool called interest badges.

Bumble provides its users with a list of items from which they can choose to receive these badges, which are visual representations of individual interests.

  • Green “Beeline” icon

Bumble Beeline is a paid feature of Bumble that enables users to view profiles of people who have already liked them but have not yet swiped left or right.

This function also allows users to match with such accounts. The usage of this function is only available to those who have a membership to Bumble Boost.


  • Purple shield (Bumble Boost)


The paid subscription service known as Bumble Boost is provided by Bumble and includes features such as limitless swiping, swipe undos, and more.

For those individuals who are interested in (figuratively) increasing their presence on the app for a specific period of time, Bumble Boost is a worthwhile investment.

  • Beehive logo

On the dating app Bumble, which focuses on providing women with material and guidance on employment, friendships, romance, and wellness, The Beehive serves as the digital center for the app.

  • New” badge

In order to signify that a user is new to the application, a temporary label known as the “New” badge is displayed on the user’s profile information.

It is possible that a “New” badge will be shown on a user’s profile for a predetermined amount of time after they made their initial registration on Bumble.

  • Red “Extend” button

The red “Extend” button in Bumble is a function which enables users to extend the original 24-hour time restriction for a match.

There is a 24-hour timeframe for users to begin a discussion with one another after they have matched on Bumble. It is only possible to use the extend command on chats that have not yet begun.


Final Words

Bumble’s user experience is significantly influenced by icons, which play a significant part in the universe of Bumble.

From beginning chats to expressing interest and exploring premium services, these Bumble icons offer a visual language that not only enhances the whole dating experience but also helps to initiate talks.

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