How To Tell If Someone Is Active On Bumble?

Among all the online dating applications available to modern users, Bumble has a special audience base. It promises to change methods of finding out your partners.

However, while trying to contact a person, you may look to find out sometime if a person is active on the platform or not. So today, let me help you on finding is someone is active on Bumble.

How to tell if someone is active on Bumble?

Short Answer: There is no direct active status on the Bumble app. However, there are certain indicators to tell if a person is active on this dating platform or not. These include recent activity of the person, recent profile updates, location changes, checking if the person appears in your recent slacks or matches, and monitoring the message read receipts.

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The indicators helping you to find out if a person is active on Bumble are:

  • Recent Activity

If you engage with someone on the profile and the person responds to you quickly, it indicates that the person is active on Bumble. Hence, you can monitor the recent activity of the person to check whether the person is active or not.

  • Looking for the recent profile updates

You can check if the person has a recently updated profile picture or any other information. Any recent profile updates hint that the person is active on Bumble.

  • Possible location updates

Further, when a person moves, the location of the person is changed when they use the app even once. It is a clear indicator of that the person is active. The current location of the person changes according to the device’s location. Further you can look if the profile is showing that the person is away from their location or not.

Bumble location update

  • Checking if the profile appears in recent stacks or matches

A person who is active on the Bumble may appear frequently on your recent stacks or matches. This is due to the frequent swiping by the profile.

  • Monitoring the message read receipts- For Premium users

If you’re a premium Bumble user, you have another indicator for finding out if the person is active or not. Try to message the person and monitor the read receipts. If the person has not read your messages, the chances are high that the person is not active yet.

However, for free version of Bumble, it will only indicate “READ” as the message read receipt when you open the chat. Hence, it still remains confusing for the free Bumble users to find out if the person is active or not.


Wrapping Up

Hope I’ve helped you understand that there is no direct active status on Bumble. However, the different tricks mentioned above can help you get an idea about the same.

Let us discuss this in the comments more on this guide!

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