Temu ‘Urge Shipment’ Meaning (2024)

Curious about what “Urge Shipment” means on Temu? Well, this article is your golden ticket!

Temu is a newcomer online marketplace where sellers from China can sell and ship all sorts of stuff. The delivery usually takes around 7 to 15 days to reach you from China to the United States.

Temu has this convenient option called “Urge Shipment.” This article aims to explain “Urge Shipment” in Temu comprehensively.

So, if you’re a hard-core shopaholic, stick around!  Let’s begin.

What does ‘Urging Shipment’ mean on Temu

“Urge Shipment” on Temu is a way to get your stuff faster. When you choose “Urge Shipment,” Temu works quicker to send your order.

But, how well it works can vary for different people. Some say their packages come way faster.  Others don’t see much change.

The speed can depend on where you live and how busy the delivery system is. There’s no clear promise on the exact day you’ll get your order.

Also, People on TikTok talk about “Urge Shipment” as a way to get orders faster, without extra costs.

However, we couldn’t find solid info on “Urge Shipment” being a real Temu feature. It might be a temporary feature that Temu tested out.

Generally, when you shop in Temu, you have two options for shipping:

  • Standard Shipping: the usual shipping time is 7 to 15 business days, which is free!

That being said, they also offer

  • Express shipping, but that comes with a $12.90 fee for orders below $99.
If you've encountered "Urge Shipment," here's what you can do:
  • Double-check: Look closely at the context where you saw the term. Was it within the official Temu app or on a third-party platform?
  • Contact Temu support: If you’re unsure, reach out to Temu’s customer service for clarification. They can confirm whether “Urge Shipment” is a valid option and provide accurate information.

What is the minimum order on Temu?

If you’re shopping in Temu and hoping for free shipping, here’s the good news! They do offer free shipping, but you need to meet a minimum order requirement of $20. Once your cart reaches that amount, voilà, free shipping is yours!

However, if you’re eyeing express shipping to get your goodies without waiting forever, there’s another requirement to meet.

For express shipping, you’ll need a minimum order of $129.

So, keep these minimum order requirements in mind to enjoy either free shipping or speedy express shipping, depending on your order total.


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