Unmatched on Bumble But Still Texting: Why

Liked on Bumble, matched on Bumble, chatted on Bumble, and now suddenly unmatched on Bumble, but still chatting on other social media. Have you ever come across this confusing situation? Confused about what to gather from this scenario?

Let me give you some of the possible answers as to why someone who is unmatched on Bumble continues the conversation on other inboxes. Read through the article below to find your answers.

You’ve made a connection with someone using a dating app. The conversation has developed to the point where you feel confident enough to share personal contact. Just when everything seems to be going great, you find that they have unmatched you on Bumble.

The first thing that comes to mind when you find yourself unpaired with a prior match on a dating app may be that they are no longer interested, but that is by no means the sole explanation, especially if they are still texting you on WhatsApp, SMS, or Instagram.

A situation like this comes with many plausible explanations, some obvious others not so much. If you’ve found yourself in a similar mess, looking for a way to get clarity on the situation, continue reading.


Why Unmatched on Bumble but still texting?

Short Answer: The reason for someone continuing to text after they have unmatched on Bumble can be confusion, looking to update their profile, easing you into ending the conversation altogether, trying to shorten their chat list on Bumble, or maybe their account got suspended. It is difficult to know for sure what’s going on in the other person’s mind. Unless you ask them directly, it is all a guessing game.

unmatch with someone on Bumble can you rematch

Online dating has opened a chest for people to look at and have their pick on what they desire among the wide range of options. This also brings along the disappointment of losing the desired choice.

The only other thing more annoying and confusing is when someone has Unmatched on Bumble without your knowledge however continue the conversation outside the app. A lot of unwanted thoughts and doubts form in your mind in such situations you desire to know the possible reason.

1. Clearing out Bumble Chat

Some people are in a habit of keeping things organized or short. Having a long, list of unwanted chats might create a clutter causing them to miss the important ones. This is not as personal as it seems.

Once you’ve moved the conversation outside of the app the chat on Bumble is no longer of much priority. The person might unmatch on Bumble to keep their match list short and fresh while continuing to talk to you outside of Bumble.

2. Forget meeting on Bumble

It can be frustrating when someone unmatches you on a dating app. However, if they are still communicating with you in other ways, they might not be finished with you just yet. Maintaining contact on the dating platform may not be necessary in their view if they are communicating with you via WhatsApp, Instagram, or text message.

Even though using dating apps is normalized nowadays, some people still desire the old-fashioned way of dating. Meeting someone online and continuing to have a meaningful relationship is great and all but the essence of a cute accidental meet at the corner store still goes for the win.

They may see things going well with you and want to erase the met on an online dating app part from the mix. Hence, unmatched on Bumble but still texts on other social media.

3. Hiding Profile Updates

When you are matched with someone on Bumble you can look at the profile and they can look at yours. Any changes made to the profile will come to notice if you open their profile sometimes.

Now, even when you have matched on Bumble and liked them enough to take the conversation outside the app it does not in any way imply exclusivity. Both of you can continue to explore other options. It can be that they want to make changes to their profile for some reason but do not want you to know about these changes at the same time.

4. Turned off Date mode or Deleted the account

Unmatched suddenly and not finding their profile on Bumble. It may indicate that they have either turned off date mode or deleted their account altogether. Now both of these things can be a good indicator if they continue talking to you outside the app.

They might see things going well with you and so no longer wish to continue using the dating app or explore other options.

5. Preparing for Ghosting

Even if you believe that everything has been going well, keep in mind that everyone has a different perspective. While things may look great in the start, people can lose interest over time. If they believe the chat is going nowhere, have decided they are willing to enter a relationship, or have matched with someone else they would prefer to talk to, they might be getting ready to cut you off.

Looks like someone ended the chat Bumble

Unmatch someone on Bumble, Can They Still See the Conversation

‌The “XYZ ended the chat” message does not necessarily mean that you did something incorrectly. Rather, this notification usually appears when your match chooses to end their relationship with you. They are letting you know that they are leaving, and Bumble is informing you of it.

On being unmatched on Bumble by someone you see the message, ‘user ended the chat’ appear in your chat box. This means you can no longer view their profile or send them a message on Bumble. The chats may get deleted depending on the version of Bumble you are using.

Bumble unmatch vs block

Blocking and reporting your match to Bumble are two alternatives to unmatching. Whichever you should do will depend on the reason you believe cutting the connection is required.

block user reasons

A simple unmatch is sufficient if someone is acting inappropriately around you or just doesn’t seem like the best match for you. However, if you think, that you or others are in danger because your match’s actions or remarks go far beyond what is appropriate, you should block and report them immediately.

unmatch user

Unmatching will remove someone from your match list but won’t stop them from visiting your profile again. However, Blocking someone safeguards not just you but also other users from a predator or troublesome individual.


Final Words

When things don’t go as expected, online dating may be both exhilarating and confusing. One typical situation is when you are no longer connected on a dating app like Bumble but are still texting with the person.

This might be challenging because it’s not always clear what they desire or how to proceed.Hope you get some clarity by reading the reason mentioned in the article above. Though, the best option is, directly talk to the person and know their reasoning.

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