How Many Likes Do You Get On Bumble?

While using Bumble, do you ever feel that you do not have enough likes?

It is not a technical issue, however, a limitation set by Bumble for its free version users. So today, let me help you understand how many likes are available to you on this online dating platform.

How many likes do you get on Bumble?

Short Answer: You’ll get around 25 to 50 likes daily, depending on the different factors. It covers the account activity, swipe speed, location, and account standing.

Bumble out of likes


In the free app version, users of Bumble get daily likes based on a defined algorithm. However, the key factors affecting this number of likes offered by the platform are:

  • Account activity level on the app

The more you’re active on the Bumble, the chances are high that you’ll get more likes daily.

  • Speed of swiping on the app

If you’re swiping too fast on the app, the number of likes you’ll get daily will reduce.

  • Location on the app

Your location may affect your daily likes according to the population density, urban area, rural area, distance settings, or traveling changes.

  • Account standing

It refers to your profile’s position referring to the Bumble’s algorithm affecting your profile features like available likes, visibility, and how it is displayed to others. It depends on your location, popularity, profile quality, engagement, and activity on the app.

It is easy to get unlimited likes on your Bumble app by switching to the Bumble Premium version. Learn more about the Bumble Premium here.


Concluding Thoughts

Hope it is easy for you now to understand the number of likes offered by Bumble to its users. Further, signing up for the Bumble Premium helps overcome the issues of limited likes.

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