How Long Does Tinder Take To Reset Likes?



Tinder is all you need when it comes to finding the best partner for you. One careful swipe, and it can be a possible match for you!

However, users always have the option to go for the free version and the premium version of the app, which offers different features. One such difference is the time taken by Tinder to reset likes for your profile.

So today, let us try to understand how long Tinder takes to reset likes.

How long does Tinder take to reset likes?

Short Answer: If you’re a free version user of Tinder, the app will take 12 hours to reset likes (free users get around 100–120 likes per 12-hour period, although it’s not an official number). However, there are no likes limit on the premium version.


How Long Does Tinder Take To Reset Likes



Tinder allows its user to like other profiles by swiping right on their profiles if they’re interested in them. However, to prevent spamming and protect the interest of users, Tinder has set the “Like limit.”

It restricts the users to a specific number of likes in a specific time frame. Hence, you may have to wait until these likes are reset, and you can enjoy right swiping on this dating application.

Tinder out of likes

This time limit is specifically 12 hours for the free version users of the Tinder app. So, all can do is wait for the period to get over, and then you can start the swiping process.

The premium users of Tinder app like Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold do not face any such likes limit. They enjoy unlimited likes in their subscription plans.

Here, we do recommend our readers go for sensible right-swiping to manage their online dating experience with Tinder.


Wrapping Up

Hence, it is easy to understand the time taken by Tinder to reset the likes for your profile. It varies for the free version user and the premium version user of the app.

Do let me know in the comments if I missed any useful point here!

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