Fix YouTube Music downloads not working

Ever since Google Play Music was shut down YouTube Music is the main source of songs for users who prefer to use Google apps and products. It has a download option like it’s YouTube counterpart so that can get those songs offline. But sometimes these fail to work. This article covers how to fix YouTube Music downloads not working.

YouTube Music is a great choice, as it has all the songs and audios from YouTube that you would like to hear. But glitches and errors are not fun at all. Let us know what causes them and what you could do to fix it.

How to fix YouTube Music downloads not working error

There are a few reasons to fix this issue. If you have been reading my other articles you already know some of the fixes that I would advise, and the ones which Google advises too by the way.

  • 1. Update app:

You knew this was coming, didn’t you? I mean this does happen to be the easiest solution to most of the problems in an app so make sure you always keep it up to date. This would prevent any glitches from occurring when YouTube Music tries to download songs for you. Click here to go to Play Store and update it.

YouTube Music downloads not working
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  • 2. Restart the app:

Again, a very basic thing to perform. While this has low chances of fixing the issue, it is in the second place it’s one of the easiest methods to try. What’s the harm in closing your app and reopening it just to fix something,? Try it out now.

  • 3. Check your internet connection and settings:

There are two things to do here. The first is to make sure your internet connection is proper and steady. Your downloads won’t start if you have a very poor internet connection.

Apart from this always make sure download settings in YouTube Music, or even in YouTube and Google Drive for that matter is tuned properly. Sometimes it is set to ‘Download over Wi-Fi only’ and this would prevent you from downloading on a mobile data connection.

  • 4. The music was taken down:

A rare thing but it does happen at times. It is possible the music you were listening to wasn’t the original song and just the copied version. In this case, the song is removed. Sometimes it would also change based on your country or region.

Songs on Spotify are a good example of this. Either way, if your download is failing you should make sure the song has not been taken down and that you are in the right region. You can also try to find another cover for the same song if it has been taken down and listen to it, as well as download it.

YouTube Music downloads not working
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  • 5. Clear cache and data:

The last advice is once again the most common advice, but it happens to be very effective. You can clear the cache and data of your YouTube Music app which might help you in solving this problem.


The following article discussed how to fix YouTube Music downloads not working. I hope it proves useful for you.