Fix PikaShow not working, Crashing, not opening or freezing

PikaShow app is truly great for media streaming services and similar things. It is a free service which is great, but sometimes free things can be hard to optimize. You probably have faced, or still facing one of the issues and glitches. These include fix for PikaShow not working, crashing, not opening, etc.

The developers cannot afford to make every optimization possible for every Phone for free. Even if it was possible, let us admit all apps crash. And sometimes it’s not the developer’s fault either. This article focuses on helping you with these issues since they often go unnoticed and hence keep being trouble for users.

PikaShow is laden with features. This means there could be a lot of reasons for it to be not working properly. However, no matter the reasons I am sure you make it working using this guide. After all, PikaShow is working well and fine with most users that Download it.

This means PikaShow performs well in terms of overall performance and any glitches, issues and errors are bound to be generated either on the user side or are very temporary. So let us start listing the ways to fix PikaShow not working, crashing, not opening, or freezing.

In the meanwhile, if you would like to read how to download PikaShow for windows, check out this link!

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Fix Pikashow not working
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Fix PikaShow not working, crashing, and freezing solutions:

  • Check your internet connection:

The first thing ever you should do whenever you face any issues with an application is to check your internet connection. I have faced a lot of situations where the internet was poorly working. Or the network provider had cut off the supply for some reason.

This might sound funny but make sure to check your mobile or data or WiFi is enabled. You don’t want to spend an eternity troubleshooting only to realize you never switched it on in the first place.

  • Restart your Device-

This might seem absurd. After all, computers are based on programs and codes and should magically fix with a restart.

You are right but computers too can get stuck and executing or computing programs. Various physical as well as how old the device determines this. In the, a failure in code execution is possible to restart your device to clear the doubt.

  • Force stop PikaShow app-

Just like how devices get stuck and fail to process commands, applications can fail to process commands and requests too. This is quite common if the devices are old and heated.

Once you force close the app, whatever element was taking up the huge chunk of processing power would stop. This would help with using it next time.

  • Clear PikaShow app Cache and data-

Okay, I understand that the Force Close method did not work for you. But that may be because the command is an essential one and keeps trying to execute whenever you open the app.

The only way to make sure this does not happen again is to clear the data and cache of the app. Sometimes you can only clear cache and see if it works. If it does not, clearing data is the only choice.

  • Uninstall and Reinstall PikaShow-

This has been our last go-to method whenever an issue arose. And it works quite well. Generally, if an app is not installed properly, you would face this error.

All you would need to do is download a copy of the app, and uninstall the installed version and then install it back again. If you have a copy of the app on your device you can use it too.

  • Download the latest PikaShow apk-

If the app is badly stuck in a processing loop or if the Android has flagged it incompatible then maybe it’s time to download the latest apk.

The latest apk from PikaShow would ensure more optimization for your latest Android device, fewer glitches, and advanced commands to operate, making it safer and smoother. You should regularly update to the latest apk even if your app is working fine too.

  • Free up space on your device-

A lot of times apps can be nonfunctional due to less storage space on the device. Do you know RAMs can struggle due to less storage space as well? This would seem absurd since RAM has nothing to do with storage space.

But memory works in complement with storage, not to mention various virtual memory settings that use storage. An app could struggle due to less storage space, sometimes even failing to work completely. You may notice apps failing to save data due to this reason too.

  • Your IP is blocked Use a VPN-

This problem could occur if your IP address has been blocked from using PikaShow or its servers. PikaShow is a free app that provides you multiple shows for free and might be violating copyrights in the process sometimes.

For this reason, you might find yourself not being able to use PikaShow. It also a good idea to use VPN even when your app is working. Since it’s safe to keep your IP covered when using free apps like these to prevent tracking.

  • Factory reset your device-

This an extreme choice to make. Before you decide to factory reset your device, you would already know the ‘symptoms’. Your phone would keep crashing, freeze, almost all complex apps would fail to work.

A factory reset can help you with solving almost all the problems with your device. But always remember to backup your data before trying anything like this.

  • PikaShow server down-

This is the kind of issue we can’t solve unless it is fixed by PikaShow. The best we can do is wait and hope that PikaShow turns the server back to working soon.

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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs):

Q. Why is my PikaShow not working?

A. As I stated, there could be many reasons. Start by trying out the first point and then go down to solve it.

Q. Should I update the PikaShow app regularly?

A. Of course. PikaShow runs on servers. If your app is too old, it might fail to be compatible with the servers.

Q. Why is my PikaShow working but movies aren’t playing?

A. This could be an issue with the server. Wait until it turns back to work.

Q. Should I reset my phone to solve this?

A. Only if you cannot find a way to solve it with the above-mentioned methods. You should not format your phone without a proper cause.


This article focused on various ways to fix PikaShow not working. I hope this article proved useful for you! If you would like to download PikaShow, follow our guide as well for other information!

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