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If you call someone on Messenger can they see your Number?

Messenger is now one among the best instant messaging apps that people love. From creative stickers to funny gifs, Messenger

Sai Prasaad 8 Min Read

Can you call someone on Messenger without being friends

The Messenger app from Facebook is an instant messaging platform where you can chat with your friends. Those friends can

Sai Prasaad 8 Min Read

[Solved] Why does Messenger show active?

Activity status is a major feature in every social media app that we use. Not only Messenger app, other apps

Sai Prasaad 8 Min Read

[Fixed] Why would messages in messenger be sent but not delivered

Has it been a long while you sent the message, but it's yet to be delivered? Don't really know the

Sakshi Dubey 8 Min Read

[FIXED] Why did I receive a Messenger verification code

Todays' topic needs no introduction as we're going to talk about one of Facebook Messenger's "Why did I receive a

Sakshi Dubey 9 Min Read