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A movie buff and an ardent fan of smartphone technology happenings in and around this globe. It all started when I had a craze on Google's pixel lineup and that continued for other smartphone brands too. Not only smartphone, be it any technology around us, I wish to keep myself updated on them too.
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Fix: Spectrum Cable Box Flashing White Light

There are different case scenarios for the flashing of lights in the

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How to Connect RCA TV to Wi-Fi [2024]

Are you looking to enjoy streaming services, online games, and more on

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10 Fixes: Google Family Link ‘Something Went Wrong’ error

If you can't open family link parental controls and get the error

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(2023) Why Can’t I Log into Messenger [15 Fixes to Try]

Messenger is an important app for staying connected with friends and family

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Why does Spotify Play Songs not on my Playlist

Spotify, being the top music streaming app taking an edge over Apple

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