How to fix Spectrum cable box flashing white light?

Charter communications, standing as the parent company for Spectrum business began in the year 1993. Spectrum business being a mass media and telecommunications company offers various services to its customers. As this a company sprouted out in America, it have consumers mostly from here. And they yearly turn out a revenue of USD 48.097 Billion in the past couple of years.

Some of the services that they provide include

  • Broadband
  • Cable television
  • HDTV
  • Home security
  • Internet

With their high speed internet connectivity ramping to a speed of 10 Gbps , they provide an excellent internet. Not only internet, the other services that they provide too would be top notch. With excellent before and after sales support, Spectrum business stays as a king in US regions.

In this article we are going to specifically look at its cable services and the issue it has. Not only this article speaks about the issue, but also make you find a way to solve it. So without further explanation lets take a look at the main content of this article.

Spectrum cable

About Spectrum Tv:

Let us now take a brief vision about what is Spectrum Tv and what are its major features in order to gain a basic knowledge about it. Following with their tagline “Entertainment for everyone“, they do follow it seriously. Making your normal television viewing experience great without any hassle, you can get more from it.

To start of with, they have many plans to make you buy with their basic plan starting with 45 USD every month for 12months. With this plan you get the following perks as a customer

  • No contract basis cable service
  • 200 plus channels availability
  • 60,000 plus on demanded titles
  • You can stream live tv on the go

All the plans that are in Spectrum cable tv have the feature for accessing more blockbuster movies that are in demand. This can make your boredom filled evening much more dramatic and cinematic filled. One more interesting thing is that if you are struck in a contract basis cable service, they can help you out. They can buy the contract up to a price of $500.

Why is there a white light flashing on my spectrum cable box?

Though the cable box is pretty much acceptable among the customers, still some customers have a problem. Not all the customers who buy this have a technical knowledge. Speaking about the technical functions in it, let us now look at a case scenario.

This case scenario is real. There is report that some customers don’t have an idea why the white light keeps flashing in the cable box. And one more to add is that, the white light keeps flashing for more than 20 minutes.

There are different case scenarios in flashing of lights in this cable box. The indicator color that is flashing in can be either blue or white and both at some cases. Sometimes if there is a firmware update running in your cable box, then both the colors keep flashing simultaneously. It can up to 15 to 20 minutes to complete successfully but not more than that.

Are you one among those Spectrum cable box users who have a doubt on this? Then this article is for you. Now let us look at the reasons why this white light keeps flashing in your cable box for more than 20 minutes.


This white light indicator flashing in your Spectrum cable could be because of the following reasons

  1. Insecure cable and cord connections
  2. Damages in the cable
  3. Coax wall outlet damage
  4. Other connectivity issues
  5. Old cable box

There could be other reasons too, but the above five are the major reasons for this scenario to happen. With looking at the reasons for this to happen, now let us discuss on the methods to solve this issue. A small note before looking at the methods. Upon following the below methods, there is no assurance that the problem gets solved. If that happens, then try contacting the customer support care to make it ease.

How to Fix spectrum cable box flashing white light?

The reasons have been discussed briefly above. So now without further explanations of the problem scenario, let us have a look at the methods to solve. As said above the methods that are to be discussed don’t have a cent percent of success rate.

Method 1: Securing the cable connections

Securing the cable connections is nothing but making sure that the cables connected in the box is tight and secure enough. Even if there is any loose connection in the cable connection, then this can make a way for this problem to happen.

So therefore ensuring that the cable connections is tight enough can make this problem solve. Still the white light keeps flashing for more minutes? We have another method to solve this

Method 2: Replacing the damaged cables

Though the connections are secure and tight enough, the cables that are inserted must be in a good condition. So checking the condition of the cables is a must. If the cables are either broken or bent, you can contact the Spectrum technical support. Or else you can even contact your local technician to replace the damaged cables.

Does the problem still seem to occur again? We have another method too, lets see at what it is.

Method 3: Fixing damaged coax wall outlet

The main part of a cable connection is the coax wall outlet which is at your home. The coax wall outlet would’ve been damaged because of two reasons. The first one would be due to its age factor and the other reason can be the rip off bite by the rats. Considering these two reasons for the damages coax wall outlet, this problem could incur.

So therefore, check with your coax wall outlets whether it is damaged or not. To solve this, fixing the outlet is the good practice. And to do that you can either contact the Spectrum technical support or even your local technician.

Method 4: Checking the status of Spectrum cable box

You have followed all the above three methods and still you do face the problem? Then you can check the status of your cable box. To check that in an ease, go to or download My Spectrum app. The users can make use of either of the both depending upon your convenience. To check the status of your cable box, follow the steps given below.

  1. As a first step, sign in with your account by entering your login credentials
  2. After entering your account, select the option ‘Services’. This will automatically navigate you to the cable box status
  3. If there is a green indication mark then your cable box is fine enough without any issues.
  4. Else if it indicates with a red exclamation mark, then it is to be noted that your cable box is under trouble or encountering any issue.
  5. In order to troubleshoot your cable box, then select ‘Troubleshoot’.
  6. The app will notify you to manually reset your cable box, if the troubleshoot doesn’t work out.

These are the steps to check the status of your Spectrum cable box. The final thing here to do is that, try contacting the Spectrum technical assistant and explaining the issue precisely.

Method 5: Power-recycling

Power recycling is nothing but to reset your cable box or modem whatever, to a round of one or two. What it does is that it just resets your cable box or in more simple words, it is a method of refreshing the cable box.

Like how we do refresh our PC or laptop if it gets hanged, the same is done here to the cable box. Only one time of resetting have less chances of helping you out. Try doing it for a count of two or three. To power recycle or to reset your cable box, then follow the instructions given below.

  1. As a basic start, the first thing is to cut off the power supply and to remove entire components from the cable box.
  2. Rest the cable box for a couple of minutes. Once after done, reassemble the components and give the power supply.
  3. The cable box will take up to a minute of one or two or sometimes up to 5 minutes. It wont extend more than that.
  4. This step is a crucial one to be checked. If the LED’s don’t flash or blink continuously and stay solid, then we have won.

Method 6: Swapping the cable box

You have done with all the above five methods and still the cable box sucks you up, then the only go is to swap it. To do this you have to contact the Spectrum support and requesting for a swapping of cable box. One thing that has to be kept in mind is that, you have to request it before closing of business (COB). Only then, your request will accepted by them.

To make the things go in ease, explain the issue that you have been facing and the methods that you have tried. Upon knowing this, the support engineer from Spectrum can assist you with the problem easily. Once the engineer ensures everything, then they will install a new cable box for you and ensure that the new one is good enough.


Television viewing experience is something that everyone sets their expectations higher. Any hiccups or problems in that can spoil the entire mood and make you scratch your head with confusions. So to avoid confusions, we have discussed above a problem statement and the solutions for it too. Hope you find this article insightful! Happy reading!

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