Sai Prasaad

A movie buff and an ardent fan of smartphone technology happenings in and around this globe. It all started when I had a craze on Google's pixel lineup and that continued for other smartphone brands too. Not only smartphone, be it any technology around us, I wish to keep myself updated on them too.
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[Fix] Why are songs Greyed out on Spotify (2023)

The music streaming industry has been competitive for around a couple of

Sai Prasaad 7 Min Read

Why is my Shein Order still ‘Processing’

Shein, being a global market giant in the e-commerce fashion domain doesn't

Sai Prasaad 9 Min Read

How can I get my Instacart account reactivated?

Instacart is an in-demand online grocery delivery service just like Amazon Fresh.

Sai Prasaad 8 Min Read

Can Family Link see your screen? (2023)

Nowadays we are seeing many kids falling for the bait into the

Sai Prasaad 8 Min Read

[4 Ways] How to Fix Philips TV sound not working

Philips is an international conglomerate company based on Dutch. This company sprouted

Sai Prasaad 8 Min Read