Why is my Shein Order still ‘Processing’

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Shein, being a global market giant in the e-commerce fashion domain doesn’t seem to be much famed in our country. Shein is existing as the largest fashion retailer and seems to be the most demanded apparel site.

Taking around 13 to 15 days to ship the ordered products made the customers feel less satisfied. In some cases, they fail to ship the orders completely and the status of the delivery remains in transit or under processing for some customers right here.

Who to complain about this issue, Shein or the seller? Why does this actually happen? And does Shein ships fast enough for the remaining customers? Let’s have an insight into all these questions answered in this article.

What does ‘Processing’ mean on Shein

Quick Answer: ‘Processing’ status on Shein means that the item you ordered has not been shipped yet as the procedure for payment verification, and inventory allotment is still in the works.

Shein order processing

According to Shein, it can take them up to 3 days to proceed with the shipment when ‘Processing’ completes.

But, there are some other factors that can cause a delay in the procedure and you might see the ‘Processing’ status even after 3 days of placing an order.

In the next part of this post, you will find all the possible reasons.

Why is my Shein order still processing

Reason 1: Overload of packages

Not particularly, Shein, other e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart may also face this issue of packages getting overloaded. They might have two reasons for this.

Number one, Due to high demand for a particular product or apparel, the number of orders placed for it will also get into peak and thus the delivery time extends due to overloading. This condition may occur at festival times like Christmas, Ramadan, or Black Friday sales.

Number two might be due to low or rarity for a particular product. Say that in case you are purchasing a product that indicates that only one or two are left in stock, rarity creates. And because of this, the seller might take some more time than usual time is taken and thus affecting the shipping duration.

These two cases happen for a consecutive number of times in an e-commerce site and that too especially in Shein. Upon these two conditions, there might be some more other reasons that may create a situation of overloaded packages.

Reason 2: Delay in payment

Even if you have made payment for an order from your end, the delay in the payment procedure can still take place.

Some receiver’s bank might have caused the issue, whereas, sometimes, the sender’s bank might have delayed the payment.

It is best you confirm the payment from your end by checking your bank’s statement.

Reason 3: Failure in USPS

If you are a resident of the US and ordered a product from Shein, then this could be one of the reasons. If that product has faced any damage, misplaced or even lost during shipping, USPS plays a key role in this issue.

Since US Postal Service is a low-staffed one, there may be a delay in scheduling the delivery. In some cases, the delay may even get extended if you don’t contact them and mark the absence of your product.

Reason 4: Other events

All the placed orders might need to go through strict quality control measures before shipping them to the customers in order to ensure safety. Things have changed after the COVID-19 breakout a few years ago.

But since this COVID-19 epidemic, the orders get even more delayed than the expected time of delivery. There will be no surprise that it may even take around a month to deliver the order and the reason that Shein might state for their delayed customers is that they wanted to ensure the customer’s safety.

If the expected time of delivery gets extended, contacting them via email or through Sheglam might be the best way. Sheglam is actually a chatting platform, where the tech support team from Shein would help you out in tracking the status of your order and help you further if needed.

How fast is Shein express shipping?

Shein express shipping delivers your order in around 1 or 2 days which is faster than the usual shipping duration. In express shipping, the processing period of 1 to 3 days is avoided. The extra charges are paid accordingly and they put much effort to deliver the orders ASAP.

Additionally, those customers who have chosen Shein express shipping don’t need to worry about customs if it is an international delivery. The courier service providers like YODEL will deal with it.

To ensure the quickest possible delivery, Shein has opened international warehouses in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The stocks ordered from China are moved to the nearby warehouse and are delivered to the customer.

How long does it take Shein to process an order?

Once the customer has ordered a product at Shein, the order takes around an hour or two and at times even it may take more than a couple of hours to confirm. This confirmation of the order is then sent to the seller.

Processing of an order takes around 1 to 3 business days and once it is done, it will be moved directly moved to shipping and here is where Shein struggles. The shipping takes around 6 to 8 days or around 13 days to ship the order to the customer. This is in the case of normal shipping.

If the customer has chosen express shipping, then as said earlier, the processing period is avoided and the shipping is done as fast as possible and the order is reached to the customer in around 2 to 4 business days.


Shein, being the largest B2C e-commerce platform in the global market, stays as a king amongst all others like Amazon. COVID-19 and the huge demand for the products are the factors for Shein struggling at shipping them.

Some YouTubers slammed Shein as a fraudulent e-commerce site. The reason that they claim is that the products which are placed internationally get cheated up and are never delivered. Every time they complain, Shein officially states the reasons for such happenings.

Another superstitious fact that people think about Shein is that the platform pays very less wages to their labourers and that could be the reason for them to sell the apparel for a cheaper price.

Though many rumours and negative feedbacks surround Shein, they still continue to rule the e-commerce market globally.

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