How can I get my Instacart account reactivated?

Instacart is an in-demand online grocery delivery service just like Amazon Fresh. It acts as a bridge between the customer and the grocery store. What Instacart does is that, it allows the user to purchase grocery items from their nearby store. Upon ordering the items, the customer has to pay the extra charges excluding the grand total of the items purchased.

The extra charges that the customer would pay will depend upon several factors like;

  • Size of the order
  • Distance from the store
  • Delivery speed
  • Service fee
  • Tip to the driver (optional)

Instacart is the largest grocery delivery service in North America. To prove this statement, they have tied up partnership with many major grocery stores in North America. Tying up with Albertsons to Costco and even with Kroger they have huge scale of delivery. The one company with which it hadn’t tied up yet is the Walmart.

With all these partnerships, the sources report to us that Instacart delivers to 85 percent of the households in America. Due to this pandemic situation for the past couple of years, the demand for grocery items increased. Because of this Instacart customer order volume got shoot up to 500 percent year over year.

But the Instacart users in the recent times report an issue in their shoppers account. They say that their account gets deactivated suddenly. In this article we are going to discuss about it and we will also see how to activate your account back.

Source: Supermarket News

Why is my Instacart account deactived : Reasons

Some of the Instacart users report that their shoppers account are getting deactivated in all of a sudden. And that too during the COVID times, large number of accounts get deactivated. Collecting all the information, there are two reasons which makes the account go deactivated.

Are you one among those Instacart shoppers account users who face this issue? Then stop scratching your head for finding the solution. You have found the right article to read. First let us have look at the reasons then we shall move for the solution.

Reason 1: Selfie checks

In order to verify your account, Instacart sends a selfie verification check. What you have to do is that, you have to take a selfie of yourself and prove that this is you and it is your account. Sometimes the users get this selfie check even at early 2am.

If the selfie that you send for verification doesn’t get verified from the Instacart’s side, then your account is under trouble. There are high chances of getting your account getting deactivated. The reasons for your selfie not getting verified can be

  • Due to dark surroundings
  • Blurred photograph
  • Facial change or any other physical change

And if all these reasons takes a check mark during the verification, then your account gets deactivated immediately.

Reason 2: Shopping in groups

The store managers in the grocery shop report to the Instacart team if you do co-shopping. Upon the report sent to the Instacart, they do immediately deactivate your account. Practicing this is like violating their policies. It does clearly state that no Instacart shoppers should practice co-shopping unless they all are veteran shoppers.

That is, the other person whom you take along for the co-shopping must also have an Instacart shoppers account. So if the store manager finds you violating this rule or the policy whatever, then your account gets deactivated.

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How to get your Instacart account reactivated?

Now since we took a look at the reasons, now let us see about the solutions to solve it. From this subheading we are going to discuss how to get back your deactivated Instacart account.

Solution 1: Complementary services

Doing complementary services for some stores can help get back your deactivated account. There is a company name Kover. In this company, will get a 30 days free of its service. That is, you will get access to its services 30 days for free. Kover is actually an income protection company. They help gig workers, drivers, shoppers.

Kover helps you to get your deactivated Shopee account back. Do get their free services is a simple easy step. A simple Google sear will help you to get into it.

Solution 2: Mail the Instacart an informal Arbitration letter

The template for arbitration letter is available in the internet. A simple Google search will make you find it. This is something like an agreement between you and the Instacart. It says that if anything goes wrong then either of the party has to come to a mutual agreement.

In simple terms it is actually a scare tactic. Because if they don’t come down mutually then you have an option to sue them. This can some what make this problem solved. Likely there are chances of getting your deactivated account back.

Solution 3: Send an official Arbitration letter to Instacart

Even after sending the informal arbitration letter to them and they ignore it, then you can send an official one. You can file an official arbitration request by certified mail with JAMS Mediation and Arbitration Services. This is an official certified request to the Instacart.

They should actually respond to this and come to an agreement with you. Even if they don’t respond to this request and come in an agreement with you, then the final step is to sue them. The more number of Sue’s from the Shopee the more chances that you can win.

They were pushed into a situation to pay a huge amount. Instacart has nearly agreed to pay $11 million to resolve the allegations to their Shoppers.


Being the largest grocery seller, manipulating the sellers like this is not an unfair thing. Are you one among those shopper who fell into this trap? Then do follow the above three solutions to get your deactivated account back. Even after following these three and you don’t win this, then move legally. Approach them via court and sue them. Not only you, but every shopper like you will win definitely.

Follow the above solutions and get your victory ahead. Hope you find this article insightful! Happy reading!

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