Sakshi Dubey

Sakshi is a Terpsichorean (dancing all her stress out), she always had a keen interest in writing creative content since her school days. Basically, balance & short-term goals are something she looks forward to. She's a big time foodie yet a fitness freak pursuing this job to fulfill her day-to-day needs.
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(10 Ways) Fix: Plex Not Working on Firestick (2024)

Amazon Fire TV is a media streaming device that enables you to

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If I Archive a Conversation on Messenger does the other Person Know

Messenger is a standalone app by Meta that lets you stay connected

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[6 Ways] How to Fix: Spectrum Cable Box stuck on L-3

Despite its unique features, the Spectrum cable box has high demand in

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What does 1000 mean on Spotify or (<1000)

Here we have tried to research everything about what does 1000 mean

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[7 Ways to Fix] Why does Spotify play the same songs on shuffle

Shuffling playlists, albums, or artist profiles on Spotify helps you mix up

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