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What Happens If I Turn Off Media Visibility In WhatsApp?

Who doesn't use WhatsApp these days? Many of us prefer WhatsApp when it comes to instant messaging for personal or

Ruby 3 Min Read

Can you call someone on WhatsApp if they Blocked you

WhatsApp's 'block this chat’ feature allows users to completely disable the other person from contacting them. This is part of

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How to Stop WhatsApp Saving Sent Photos (5 Steps)

WhatsApp automatically saves photos you send to your phone’s camera roll, consuming valuable space. The good news is that you

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Can we Find Out at which Time and Date we Blocked Contact on WhatsApp

While using WhatsApp, have you ever felt the need to block a contact? Be it a spam contact or someone

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Your WhatsApp Account Is Being Registered On A New Device: What Does It Mean

If you just got a new phone, and you’re setting up WhatsApp, you’ll get the message “Your WhatsApp Account Is

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