(+Reasons) What does “Your Security Code is Changed in WhatsApp” mean

It is not uncommon for you to receive a message from WhatsApp where the dialog box reads that your WhatsApp security code has been changed. There is no need for you to panic, especially if you haven’t changed your mobile number.

While it is more common to see such occurrences in cases where you’ve changed your phone or your phone number, paired a new device, or reinstalled WhatsApp, it may not be the only reason. WhatsApp can change your security code despite the absence of the aforementioned instances.

In this article, we seek to provide answers to some of the commonly asked questions regarding WhatsApp Security Code.

“Your Security Code is Changed in WhatsApp” meaning

Answer in Nutshell: ‘Your Security Code is Changed in WhatsApp’ means that you or your friend have changed their phones, reinstalled WhatsApp, or removed or added a paired device.

What does Your Security Code is Changed in WhatsApp mean

Let’s talk about the significance of WhatsApp security code.

WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption for its chat and calls. It means no one will know about the content and chat you shared with any of the contacts on WhatsApp.

For a specific chat, you have a unique security code. If the security code is the same for both users, it simply means that the chat is end-to-end encrypted.

If any users in a chat change their phones, reinstall the app, or link/unlink a device, the security code changes for both users.

Does ‘Your Security Code is Changed’ in WhatsApp means Blocked

Answer: No, ‘Your Security Code is Changed’ in WhatsApp doesn’t mean you are blocked. The security code is changed when one of the users has changed their smartphone or the paired device and even if WhatsApp is re-installed on the device.

Can a WhatsApp Security Code be changed without changing phone numbers or reinstalling WhatsApp

Short Answer: Yes, WhatsApp Security Code can be changed without changing the phone number or reinstalling WhatsApp if the paired device like a PC, is removed.

WhatsApp Security Code changed paired device is removed

The security codes are employed for an end-to-end secured chat experience between users and the individual with whom they are conversing. These are highly encrypted messages. 

According to WhatsApp’s Security and Privacy page, this could be because they both reinstalled the WhatsApp app, switched phone devices, or added or removed a paired device.

Sometimes, users do not realize but the security code changes when a paired device is added or removed. If you are someone who uses WhatsApp on the web, you will see a changed security code when you log out and log in on a PC.

WhatsApp updates security codes regularly, and you usually don’t notice it.  Multiple reasons can lead to WhatsApp changing the security code.

One possible cause can be to include the re-installation of WhatsApp by any of your connections. Another reason may be that the other person has changed his/her account type to WhatsApp Business.

Why am I getting security change notification from a contact who has blocked me on WhatsApp?

Short Answer: You may be getting a security change notification from a contact who has blocked you on WhatsApp because they haven’t deleted your contact from WhatsApp contact list.

When the contact, that has blocked you, reinstalls WhatsApp on their mobile phone and signs in again, the security code change notification appears. You may have received this notification because the contact reinstalled WhatsApp on their phone. WhatsApp hasn’t yet added this exception to disable one from sending the notification when the contact is blocked. 

Actually, you can choose whether or not to receive the WhatsApp security code change notification. You can configure WhatsApp to send you notifications whenever your security code changes about one of your contacts.


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Final Words

Please note that as a matter of fact, you can always verify a contact’s security code by making comparisons of it to the code in the chat info screen. If the codes are not similar, someone else could be listening in on your conversation. 

To protect your privacy, we suggest that you end communications with that person and remove the chat history.

We hope that your queries have been answered, and that you are less anxious than before!

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