If you Delete a Whatsapp message, does it still show in Notifications

If you have deleted a WhatsApp message in a converstaion and wondering what happens after it, you have landed on the right page.

Here, we have discussed in detailed about what happens when you unsend a Whatsapp message and does other person still see it or not.

So, without further delay let’s dive deep in to the answers to your queries.

If you delete a whatsapp message, does it still show in the receivers notifications?

Short answer: No, if you delete a Whatsapp message, it will not be displayed in the receivers notifications. It means the message will also be deleted from notifications along with in the chat. 

However, inside the chat, the person will be able to see the ‘This message was deleted’ status.

This message was deleted Whatsapp

Whenver you send a message to someone on Whatsapp it appear in the notifications of the recipient’s device. He/she can even reply or mark the ‘message as read’ directly from the notifications.

However, if the person haven’t opened the message and you have deleted it then it will disappear from the notification panel of the recipient.

So, you don’t need to worry, deleted message will get removed the notifications.

If you delete a message on WhatsApp does it unsend?

If you ‘delete a Whatsapp message for everyone’ within 2 days after sending, it will be be unsend or deleted for everyone, even when the person has read it already. 

However, if you choose the ‘delete for me’ on Whatsapp message it has no effect on the chats of the users receiving the message. Even after you delete the message from your phone, the message will appear on the chat screen of the recipient of the message.

If I Unsend a Message, Will the Other Person See It in Their Messages?

Short answer: No, if you unsend/delete a message on Whatsapp, the other won’t be able to see the message. Instead, a text saying ‘This message was deleted’ will appear in the place of the deleted message.

How to Unsend a WhatsApp Message?

To delete or unsend a Whatsapp message, you just need to tap and hold the message and select the delete icon and then tap on the ‘delete for everyone’ option.

Still, confused? Follow the step by step process (with screenshots) below:

  • Open WhatsApp and a chat in you want to delete or unsend the message.
  • Now, select the WhatsApp message you want to unsend by pressing and holding it.
  • Now, in top header of Whatsapp, Tap on the ‘delete icon’.

Delete Whatsapp message

  • Now, Tap  ‘Delete for everyone’ and then OK .

Delete for everyone Whatsapp

So, that’s it. This is how you can unsend a message on Whatsapp. If you can’t delete or unsend a Whatsapp message, there can be a number of reasons for that as explained below.

Why Can’t I Unsend a Message on WhatsApp?

There can be several reasons why you can’t delete or unsend a message on Whatsapp such as you have exceded the time limit to delete the message for everyone (which is 2 days), or you are not using the latest version of Whatsapp, the message is a quoted text, etc.

Below, we have explained all the points briefly:

  • Exceeded time limit

Yes, you heared it right. Whatsapp has a 2 day time limit to delete a message for everyone. 

So, if you have exceeded the 2 day time limit, you won’t be able to unsend a message on Whatsapp.

Well, even the ‘delete for everyone’ option won’t show or available for you.

So, remember you have only two days to delete the messages on Whatsapp.

  • Outdated WhatsApp

Another reason you can’t unsend a message on Whatsapp could be that you are not using the latest version of the Whatsapp app on your device.

Even if the ‘delete for everyone’ option is available for you, it might work if you are not using the latest Whatsapp version as it may be prone to certain bugs or issues.

So, make sure to always use the latest version of the Whatsapp.

To download the latest version on your device, visit the App Store or Google Play Store on your iOS or Android device and update Whatsapp (if any update is available)

  • Quoted text

If the message is a quoted text, it won’t be deleted from the Whatsapp chat even if you delete the original message.

As you can see in the example above, the quoted reply to message isn’t deleted even when the original message is deleted for everyone in the Whatsapp.

Final Words:

So, that’s it for now folks. We hope, after reading this post, you were able to know what happens when you delete or unsend a message on Whatsapp.

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