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(All Details) WhatsApp Export Chat, Will the Other Person Know?

We are all aware that WhatsApp allows us to export chats and chat history to our mail or other apps/sources.

Ankit 4 Min Read

(+Reasons) What does “Your Security Code is Changed in WhatsApp” mean

It is not uncommon for you to receive a message from WhatsApp where the dialog box reads that your WhatsApp

Ankit 6 Min Read

(In 2 mins) Fix: WhatsApp Call Declined Automatically (iPhone/ Android)

WhatsApp is one of the widely used apps for messaging, making audio calls, and making video calls. The app is available

Benisha Lama 9 Min Read

(2023) Fix: WhatsApp GIFs not working (Android & iPhone)

Have you ever tried to send a GIF on WhatsApp to someone, only to find out it's not working? It

Sri Sahith Lakkaraju 12 Min Read

(In 5 mins) Fix: WhatsApp Call not Showing on Screen

There is no doubt when it comes to acknowledging the wild popularity WhatsApp has among people. It is more many