Someone Blocked me on WhatsApp, but I can still see their “Online” Status. How is that possible?

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When someone blocks you on WhatsApp, do you still get to view their profile picture?

Want to know if you can see someone’s status if blocked on WhatsApp?

When you block someone on WhatsApp, can you still see their status updates?

If you find yourself pondering the same thing, you’ve found the right spot to get the answers you seek. We have addressed these concerns and more. Keep reading till the very end if you want to find the answers.

Can you see the profile picture if blocked on WhatsApp?

When someone blocks you, you’ll no longer be capable of seeing their profile picture. If you try to see this person’s profile, all you’ll get is a blank picture.

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The profile photo you see will always be the one that was there when the person blocked you, even if that person later updates their profile picture.

The absence of a profile picture does not necessarily indicate that you have been blocked. It is possible that the person has changed their WhatsApp profile picture to private or has deleted it altogether. If you want to be sure, you can look at the other signs.

Can you see someone’s status if blocked on WhatsApp?

If someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, you will not be able to see their status.

Users of WhatsApp have complete freedom over who may see their status updates. On WhatsApp, individuals can select certain people to see their status updates or keep them private.

But if you’re sure they’ve blocked you, we regret having to tell you that you can’t even see their status updates. WhatsApp has stringent privacy standards that prevent a blocked user from seeing the blocker’s status.

If you know someone posted a status update but could not see it, it doesn’t always indicate they have blocked you. Maybe this individual has been purposely or unintentionally concealing their status from you. Verify whether a common friend can check the status changes; if they can, but you can’t, you’ve been blocked.

I was blocked by someone on WhatsApp, but I can still see their “online” status. How is that possible?

Short Answer: If you were blocked, but you can still see their “online status” then they might have unblocked you. It’s also conceivable that they haven’t blocked you and are now actively using the account again after formerly inactive periods.

1. The user has deleted their account.

You may mistakenly believe someone has blocked you if they suddenly stop responding to your WhatsApp calls and messages because they have deleted their account. However, after that individual downloads WhatsApp once again, you will be able to see their online status.

It’s also likely that the user has simply removed their display picture which led you to believe that the person has blocked you.

2. You are not blocked anymore.

Having friends check whether you’ve been blocked by someone is a quick and easy way to confirm if you were indeed blocked. However, when some time has passed, they could just unblock you. Because of this, you can now check that person’s current online status.

3. There is a glitch in the app.

Chances are, you may still see their online status after blocking them due to a bug in the application. To be frank, WhatsApp glitches occur rather often.

To repair the problem, you would need to first close the app from running in the background, then restart your device, and then load the application once again.

4. A bug is causing the issue.

Due to a bug in the application, you may still be able to view someone else’s online status even after you’ve been blocked. People using WhatsApp’s beta version are more likely to experience this issue.

Updating to the latest version of the app or reverting to the original app might fix the issue.

How to check if you are blocked

Method 1: Your messages will not be delivered

Sending someone a message and having it go unread might indicate that you have been blocked. Any messages that have been sent will have a little grey checkmark next to them indicating that they have been sent. When your message is sent, you’ll see a single checkmark appear next to it; when it’s received, you’ll see two.

The recipient of your message will never see the second checkbox if they have blocked you. It’s likely that you’ve been blocked if, despite being online, your message never reaches the person.

Method 2: Your calls won’t go through

If someone blocks you on WhatsApp and you attempt to contact them, your call will not go through.

This means that the individual has blocked your number for good. If your WhatsApp number is blocked, you may use this method to determine this. The approach is simple, however it does verify if you have been blocked on WhatsApp.

Method 3: You won’t be able to add them to a group chat

An additional WhatsApp blocking indicator is a warning message that states you are not allowed to add the individual to a WhatsApp group should you attempt to do so. This notification verifies that you are, in fact, blocked by the individual in question. You might use this method as a last resort to determine whether a certain individual has blocked you.

Final Words

Although it may seem harsh, blocking somebody on WhatsApp is a simple technique to prevent them from contacting you.

Keep in mind that if you have been blocked, there could be a completely reasonable explanation. Therefore, if someone blocks you on WhatsApp, it’s essential to respect their requests and personal space.

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