What Happens when you Remove someone from your Suggested Friend on Facebook

‘People you may know’ is a term that appears to be completely innocent on Facebook, even though it is quite formal – “Oh, come to this party! There are going to be a lot of people who you might recognize there!’

However, in the past few years, this phrase has come to be synonymous with Facebook’s upsettingly accurate Suggested Friends carousel, which features people who, yes, you do know; however! Is it possible that Mark Zuckerberg is a wizard?

Or, to get more to the point, what factors go into determining who Facebook suggests as friends? Is it based on people viewing your profile? Exactly what does this phrase mean?

According to the official stance that Facebook takes on the matter, which can be seen on their support page, they choose who will be in your list of Suggested Friends based on mutual friends, work and education information, and networks you’re part of.

So, what happens when you remove someone from your suggested friend on Facebook?

What happens when you Remove suggested Friend on Facebook?

Short answer: When you take someone off your Facebook suggested friends list, it signals to Facebook that you’re not interested in connecting with them. Here’s what that means:

Immediate effects:

  • Their profile won’t be suggested to you again for a while (although they could show up again if new connections or interactions occur).
  • Similarly, your profile won’t pop up as a suggestion for them.

Algorithm impact:

  • Facebook’s algorithm learns from your decision, tweaking future friend suggestions to align more with your interests.
  • This action contributes to enhancing the relevance of your “People You May Know” suggestions.


  • This action doesn’t impact any existing friendships you have with them.
  • They will not receive any notification about being removed from your suggestions.

In essence, hiding someone from your suggestions is a discreet method to tailor your Facebook experience, without the need to unfriend or block them.

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When you get a friend suggestion on Facebook, does the other person get it too?

Short answer: Maybe, If you get a friend’s suggestion on Facebook, the other person may get it too, because you and the other person may have mutual friends, and they have uploaded their contacts, which contain your cell phone number, so you may appear as each other’s suggested friends.

To better understand this issue, it’s important to consider various factors that influence Facebook’s friend suggestion algorithm. Here’s a structured breakdown:

Reasons for Seeing Someone in Suggestions:

  • Mutual Friends: One common reason you might see someone in your suggestions is if you have mutual friends.
  • Contact Information: Another possibility is that Facebook found the person’s phone number in your contacts, leading to their appearance in your suggestions.

The Reverse Scenario:

  • If Facebook has suggested someone to you, the same algorithm applies to them regarding who they see as suggestions.
  • However, if the suggested person has a larger number of contacts than you, they may not see you as a prominent suggestion. This is because their suggestion list is likely populated with a broader audience.

Factors Influencing Mutual Suggestions:

  • Despite the size of their contact list, if there are significant shared connections (mutual friends) between you and the person, there’s a higher likelihood that Facebook will suggest you to them.

If you remove someone from the ‘People You May Know’ list on Facebook do they ever come back as a suggestion?

Yes, even if you remove someone from the ‘People You May Know’ list, they might come back as suggestions on Facebook. The suggestion might not appear immediate after the removal, but there are good chances they are suggested again on your feed.

How to turn off friend suggestions on the Facebook app

Since the very beginning of Facebook, users have been able to receive notifications whenever a friend suggestion is made.

Although you might run into a familiar face every once in a while, more often than not, it will be someone you would rather not associate with or perhaps someone you have never met before.

Many people who use Facebook find that this feature gives off an unsettling vibe, and as a result, they would rather completely turn it off or quit using it.

Even for someone who has a lot of friends, seeing messages that say ‘You have a new friend suggestion’ all the time might be extremely aggravating.

If you want to deactivate the notifications for People You May Know, you can do so by adhering to the instructions listed below:

On Smartphone:

  • Step 1- To access the menu, click the three horizontal lines that look like a hamburger.
  • Step 2- Select Settings, then scroll down and pick Notification settings from the menu that appears.
  • Step 3- Choose People you may know from the drop-down menu under Notification settings.
  • Step 4- Remove the checkmark from the box labeled ‘Allow notifications on Facebook’. You also have the option of selectively disabling individual types of alerts, such as push notifications, SMS notifications, and email notifications, if that is what you choose to do.
  • Step 5- To confirm the setting change, tap the Turn-off button.

On Desktop:

When you are logged into your desktop version of Facebook, click the cog symbol in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to access the Settings and Privacy menu.

  • Step 1- Next, choose Settings from this menu’s options. It will bring up a new page where you may configure things.
  • Step 2- On the Facebook Settings page, locate the menu on the left sidebar and then select the Notifications icon from that menu.
  • Step 3– Now search in the tab labeled Notification Settings for a setting named People you may know.

From that screen, you will have the ability to turn off all the choices, or you can choose to deactivate notifications delivered by SMS, emails, or push notifications within the app. Because of these choices, the alerts for the Facebook feature called People you may know will either be disabled in part or fully.


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Final Words

There is no indication that Facebook’s friend recommendation notifications will be removed any time soon.

The good news is that it is rather simple to turn them off, and we have outlined the process necessary to do so above.

Not only will doing so prevent friend suggestion notifications from appearing, but it will also bring the total number of friend requests to a lower level.

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