Why am I being Charged for WhatsApp Calls?

Instant messaging services enjoy a special fan base among the modern audience. With additional services like WhatsApp calls, it is easy for users to stay connected to their loved ones. Many of us use the WhatsApp call feature daily.

Recently, I’ve noticed a strange issue with these calls, I’m being charged for them. So, I started my research on the same for the possible reasons.

Get ready to understand more about charges for WhatsApp calls in this write-up.

Why am I being charged for WhatsApp calls?

Short Answer: You are being charged for WhatsApp calls because of charges associated with a limited data plan, international calling from the cellular network provider, or incurring roaming charges.

WhatsApp calls


WhatsApp calls use data, and the platform has already stopped taking any charges for making voice or video calls from 2016. So, all you need is the internet connection to place WhatsApp calls.

However, still, if you’re being charged for these calls, there can be a couple of reasons:

1. Charges associated with limited data plan

You may be charged for the extra data used, which is out of the limit of your existing data plan.

2. Charges associated with international calling from your cellular network provide

If you’re traveling at an international location, you may face roaming data charges from your cellular network service providers. And that’s the reason why you observed charges for your particular WhatsApp call that consumed mobile data instead of Wi-Fi.

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Are WhatsApp calls free internationally?

Quick Answer: Yes, WhatsApp calls are free internationally if both the recipient and caller are using WhatsApp with a seamless internet connection. WhatsApp will use data to place calls internationally when both parties are WhatsApp users.

However, international call charges from your cellular network provider or roaming charges may apply if you make a call without using WhatsApp or any messenger app.

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Do WhatsApp calls show up on the phone bill?

Short Answer: No, the WhatsApp calls do not show up on a phone bill. However, the data associated with these calls may appear on your phone bills.

WhatsApp calls


WhatsApp calls use an internet connection and are not based on your cellular network. Hence, these calls do not appear on the phone bills.

However, with the rise in the data used for WhatsApp calls, the chances are high that your device may consume additional data.

This additional data usage may be shown in your phone bills, which can be an indirect hint of these calls.


Concluding Remarks

Hope, I’ve helped you to understand the details of WhatsApp calls being charged. WhatsApp uses a data network for calling, and there are charges due to some other reasons only.

Do let me know in the comments section about your views on this guide!

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