I Unblocked Someone on Facebook and they Disappeared: Why

Are you wondering why a Facebook friend or contact mysteriously disappears after you unblock them?

When you unblock someone on Facebook, you may expect them to return to your friend list, but instead, they disappear. This might leave you wondering why you can’t find someone on Facebook when you know they have an account. 

To help you understand why someone vanishes from your friend list after unblocking them on Facebook, we will investigate the various causes of this behavior so that you may troubleshoot the same. So, without any further ado, let’s dive into the details of this issue and figure out what’s causing it in the first place.

I unblock someone on Facebook and they disappeared: Why

Short Answer: If you have blocked someone on Facebook, and they disappeared, it could be because they have blocked you as well, the person has deactivated their account, the person has changed their Facebook name, Facebook might have blocked both of you, or you blocked/unblocked the account multiple times. 

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The following are some possible explanations for your inability to locate the profile of the unblocked person on Facebook, as well as a solution to the issue that you are now facing:

1. They have Blocked you

If you are unable to locate the Facebook profile of the individual whose block you have just removed, the most likely explanation is that the individual in question has blocked you from accessing their account.

In a scenario such as this one, you have two options: either you can ask a mutual friend, if you have any, to ask the person to unblock you, or if you are linked via some other social networking site, you may send a message through the account associated with that site.

2. The Person Deactivated their Account

You may not be able to view the Facebook profile of the person who you unblocked for a variety of reasons, one of which is that they may have deactivated their Facebook account, making it impossible for you to do so.

In this scenario, you will not be able to establish a connection with the individual on Facebook. However, you may look for the individual’s profile once every couple of days in the event that the person has temporarily deleted their account.

3. The Person Changed their Facebook Account Name

If you try to discover the profile of the person whose block you lifted by using their name, you won’t be able to find the account if the person in question has changed the name associated with their previous account.

In this kind of scenario, you might attempt to look for the account by using the person’s email address as the search criteria.

4. Facebook Might Have Blocked both of you

Facebook may have prevented the two of you from communicating with one another after you reported the account of the individual you had previously unblocked for inappropriate content such as violence, nudity, or harsh language.

If this is the case, the only way you will be able to reconnect as friends is if one of you starts a new Facebook account and uses it to communicate with the other.

5. You Blocked/Unblocked Multiple Times

Facebook may have permanently disabled both of your accounts’ capabilities to communicate with one another via the use of the current account if one of you has repeatedly blocked and unblocked the other in the recent past.

If this happens to you or the person who unblocked you, you may want to consider making a new account on Facebook so that you can reconnect with your old acquaintances.

Why can’t I add someone on Facebook after unblocking them?

You can’t add someone on Facebook after unblocking them because your Facebook request is pending, you have reached the Facebook friends limit, or you have been blocked from sending friend requests.  

1. Your Facebook request is pending

The fact that one user’s friend request has not yet been approved by another user is the most prevalent cause for Facebook users to be unable to add one another. After submitting a friend request to another user on Facebook, you must wait for that person to accept your request before you may add them as a friend on your own account.

It’s possible that you tried to send the other person a friend request from your Facebook account, but they were unable to accept it from the notifications on their own page.

This occurs most often when a user has a large number of pending requests as shown below, and sometimes, because of carelessness or ignorance, a friend request might get buried in the stack of waiting requests.

Pending friend requests on Facebook

2. Facebook friends limit

Every user on Facebook is allowed a maximum of 5000 friends at any one time. The friend request cannot be granted if either you or the person you’re seeking to add as a Facebook friend has more than 5000 friends.

Whoever has 5000 friends on Facebook has the option of either turning their account into a page, which would still only allow them to obtain more followers, not friends, or they may remove some of their current friends to create room for a new friend within the 5000-friend limit.

3. You’ve been blocked from sending friend requests

For a variety of reasons, Facebook users might be prevented from sending friend requests to other users. Here are some of the reasons why you could be facing the issue:

  • You have made several friend requests in a very short length of time. You can try again after forty-eight hours.
  • All of your prior friend requests to this individual have been disregarded without a response.
  • Your prior friend requests to this person were declined by them since they did not want to be your friend.

If you unblock someone on Facebook, will they know?

There is no way for the person you unblock on Facebook to know that they have been unblocked unless you want to share that information with them.

Nonetheless, depending on your Facebook privacy settings and the settings of the information you publish, they may be able to see your content and engage with you again. It’s crucial to remember that resuming contact with someone you’ve blocked may need you to take further steps, such as adding them as a friend or interacting with them again.

Make sure to consider the repercussions before unblocking someone on Facebook, since doing so does not automatically indicate that the relationship or any prior difficulties between you and the unblocked person have been addressed.



Q1. Why am I still unable to add someone on Facebook after unblocking?

Suppose you had someone on your friend list before you blocked them, and now that you have unblocked them, you can’t find the option to add them as a friend.

The individual may have modified their Facebook settings to enable only friends of friends to send them a request during the time you had them blocked, or they may have blocked you in return.

Q2. How do I know if someone has unblocked me on Facebook after I have unblocked them?

If you believe someone has blocked you again after you’ve unblocked them on Facebook, you might try to locate their profile or send them a friend request. If you are unable to contact this person or see their profile, they may have blocked you.

Final Words

It’s not certain that someone who was previously blocked on Facebook would re-emerge as a friend after being unblocked.

This might be due to the other person banning you back, the other person cancelling their account, the name of their account being changed, or Facebook itself preventing the two of you from interacting. There may also be restrictions on adding friends, such as a limit on the number of friends you may have or being unable to send any at all.

When deciding whether or not to unblock someone on Facebook, it’s crucial to take all of these factors into account. If you’re having trouble contacting former friends on Facebook, you may need to start a fresh account.

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