If you Unfriend Someone on Facebook, Do their Likes Disappear

When you unfriend someone on Facebook, do they still see your likes, comments, and tags? There’s a lot of room for anxiety and misunderstanding on the platform if you don’t know what happens to your likes, comments, and tags.

However, you need not worry as this post will help you understand what happens to your Facebook likes, comments, and tags after you unfriend someone. We’ll fill you in on all the details, so you won’t have to stress about what could happen to your Facebook activity if you unfriend someone.

If you unfriend someone on Facebook, do their likes disappear?

Short Answer: If you unfriend someone on Facebook, they will no longer see your posts in their feed. But their likes on your previous posts will remain.

If someone has already liked any of your Facebook posts, and then you unfriend them, the like will still display. After unfriending someone, you can continue to see their likes on posts they liked before you removed them as a friend. It is only when you block someone that their likes on your posts will vanish.

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When you unfriend someone, they are no longer added to your Friends list and will no longer see your updates in their news feed. It’s important to remember that even if you unfriend someone, they may still see your profile and interact with your content by clicking on the “like” button.

But, of course, this is all subject to the privacy settings you’ve selected. Your postings may be liked by anybody who visits your profile if you have made them public. If you have set your account so that only friends can see your posts, then the individuals you have unfriended will no longer be able to see them or like them.

If I unfriend someone, can they still see my past likes and comments on their page?

To answer your question, the person you unfriended will still be able to see any likes or comments you previously made on their profile.

Even after you’ve unfriended someone, your interactions with their posts, such as likes and comments, will remain available. If their posts are set to a “Friends only” view, you will no longer be able to like or comment on them after you have unfriended them.

If you block someone, however, you will no longer be able to view their posts, not even on your mutual friends’ feeds, and all previous activities between you two, such as likes and comments, will be erased. If they chose to block you, you will experience the same thing.

What happens to tagged photos when you unfriend someone on Facebook?

Facebook tags stay even after a friend is removed. This means that you may remove friends from your Facebook account, but the tag will remain.

Even if you unfriend someone, any tags you used to include them in your posts will stay, and you can still see their profile and follow the link to their timeline by clicking on their name.

Photos in which you’ve been tagged by the people you have unfriended will also continue to appear on your timeline. Furthermore, the tags will be associated with your profile and show up in your feed or picture albums.

However, when you block someone, depending on who made the post, picture tags may vanish completely, partly, or not at all. If you uploaded the photo with the tag before, just the face of the individual will remain once the tag and name are removed.

If somebody else posted the picture then you don’t have full access to the picture tag. You’ll still be able to see the image and the person’s name, but clicking on the tag will not take you to their Timeline. Those who aren’t prohibited from seeing the tag (other members) will be able to click through to the member’s Timeline as usual.



1. Can you see someone’s posts on Facebook if they unfriend you?

When someone unfriends you, they delete you from their list of Facebook friends. This means you will not be able to see their private content. Even if you’re no longer friends, you can still access their public profile, send them a direct message (DM) on Facebook Messenger, look for them, and send them a friend request again.

Final Words

We may interact with individuals from all over the globe on Facebook, yet there are occasions when we might wish to cut ties with a friend. If you decide to unfriend someone on Facebook, you might want to know how doing so will affect your profile and other actions.

As we’ve covered, the people whose posts you liked and commented on will still be able to see them, and your tags will persist on Facebook even after you unfriend them.

Knowing what occurs when you unfriend someone helps you make better choices and prevent misunderstandings. We hope that reading this post has given you the feeling of empowerment and comfort to unfriend people you no longer desire to keep in touch with.

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