If you Unfriend Someone on Facebook, are you Still Connected on Messenger

Do you need to know whether someone will still be able to contact you using Messenger after you unfriend them on Facebook?

Are you wondering whether a Facebook follower you removed is still following you?

These are issues that are often asked by Facebook users, and the uncertainty may be quite annoying. It may also give you the impression that you do not have control over who can see your information or who can contact you via Facebook.

Here’s some good news: you can stop stressing about it. This post will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about unfriending someone on Facebook and keeping your personal information secure.

If you unfriend someone on Facebook, are you still connected on Messenger?

Short Answer: Yes. Even if you unfriend a Facebook friend, you will still be connected with them via Messenger.

A person you’re chatting with on Facebook may continue to reach you via Messenger even after you’ve ended the conversation. But, if you unfriend someone, they will no longer appear in your “active now” friends.

It’s easy to cut ties with a friend on Facebook; all you have to do is visit their page and click the “Unfriend” button. You are not cut off from the Messenger as a result of this, though. You may still access your Messenger chats. If you don’t want to add someone as a Facebook friend but still want to stay in touch with them, you may use Messenger to do so.

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By removing someone from your Facebook friends list, you can ensure they no longer view any of your shared information or updates. Nonetheless, taking this step will not immediately end your connection with them in Messenger.

Even after you’ve unfriended someone, all past conversations between the two of you will remain viewable in your chat history, and the other person will be able to send you messages—they’ll just go to your Message Requests inbox instead.

It’s worth noting that if you decide that you do not wish to talk to or receive texts from the individual in question, you can simply block them on Messenger. You may prevent someone from contacting you or seeing your online activity on Messenger by blocking them.

If you unfriend someone on Facebook, can they still follow you?

Facebook users whom you have unfriended may still see your Facebook posts and follow you if you have made that feature available in your settings.

Unfriending someone on Facebook removes them as a friend and prevents them from seeing your profile or feed changes in the future. If you unfriend someone on Facebook, they can still view your status updates and any postings you share with a larger community, based on your security settings.

Changing your Facebook privacy settings to restrict who may see your posts is one way to prevent an unfriended user from seeing something you’ve shared.

You have the option of restricting the audience for your posts to just friends, an exclusive group, or even just yourself. If there is someone on Facebook you do not wish to interact with, you may block them from seeing your account or any content you’ve made public.


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1. Can I message someone who unfriended me on Facebook?

Yes. With Facebook, you may communicate with anybody, friends or not. The Message Requests section is where certain users will see messages you send to them if they are not your friends. But if your friend has blocked you on Facebook or Messenger, your messages will not be sent to them.

2. Why is someone on my Messenger but not on Facebook?

It’s possible that your contact has deleted their account but continues to use Messenger. Even if you no longer want to use Facebook, you have the option to still access Messenger.

You may determine whether or not you are blocked by sending a text to a friend. If you do not get a message stating that you can no longer send a text, then it is safe to assume that you have not been blocked.

Final Words

There are times when you need to unfriend an individual on Facebook, but now you are aware that they will still be able to follow you and communicate with you using Messenger.

If you don’t want a certain person to be able to access your content or contact you, you may block them or change your privacy settings to prevent that from happening. We hope you’ll be able to take the knowledge you’ve gained from this post and use it to improve your Facebook presence.

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