Why aren’t my Texts Delivering to a Certain Person

If your text messages aren’t delivering to a certain person or number, and you are wondering why it is so, then you have visited the right page.

Here, we have listed down all the possible reasons why your SMS isn’t delivering to a certain number.

Well, you might be thinking that the person has blocked your number, but it might not be the case, as there can be dozens of other reasons.

So, without wasting much time, let’s get started.

Why aren’t my texts delivering to a certain person

1. Incorrect number

The first reason why your texts aren’t delivering to a certain person could be that the number saved on your phone is incorrect.

So, double-check to ensure you have the correct phone number before sending the text.

Note: Depending on the recipient’s location, some phone numbers may have special formatting requirements, such as a country or area code. Ensure you have included the correct formatting when entering the number to avoid any issues with message delivery.

correct phone number format

2. Person Blocked your number

The next reason your text isn’t getting delivered to one person is that the person might have blocked your number.

The best way to find out whether the person has blocked your number or not is to call the person.

If your call gets connected to the person, then it’s confirmed that the person hasn’t blocked your number, and there might be any other reason why your texts aren’t getting delivered to the person.

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3. Network issues

Network issues could be another very common reason why your text isn’t getting delivered.

There can be two situations: Either you are not in an area with proper network connectivity, or the recipient isn’t in the proper network area.

So, if you’re in an area with poor coverage, your messages may not be able to get through to the recipient. Similarly, if the recipient is in an area with poor coverage, they may only receive your message once they move to an area with better reception.

In this case:

  • Wait for some time
  • Try to move to a place with better connectivity. 
  • Turn on and off Airplane mode
  • Restart your device

Well, if the recipient isn’t in a well-connected area, you can’t do much rather than waiting for some time.

4. The person may have turned off their phone or have no signal

The next reason could be that the person has turned off or has no signal.

If that is the case, your messages will be delivered once they turn their phone back on or get a signal.

5. The person have ‘Do Not Disturb Mode’ turned on

Moving forward, If the person you are trying to message has their phone in Do Not Disturb mode, they won’t receive any notifications for new messages. 

DND is a feature that allows users to silence notifications during certain times of the day or when they’re in a meeting or other situation where they don’t want to be disturbed.

If you suspect the recipient has their phone in Do Not Disturb mode, try sending your message again later.

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6. The Receiver’s Number Is Roaming

Another possible reason why your texts may not be delivered to a certain person is that their number is roaming.

This happens when the user leaves their home network and connects to a different network, usually in another country or state. When a number is roaming, it can cause delays in text message delivery or prevent messages from being delivered altogether.

Roaming can be expensive for the recipient, so users may turn off roaming when traveling.

If the recipient has turned off roaming, your messages may be delivered once they return to their home network.

7. Phone Carrier is having server issues

Another possible reason your texts may not deliver to a certain person is that the phone carrier is experiencing server issues. 

Text messages you send from your device depend on the servers of your Phone carrier. If those servers go down, it can cause delays in message delivery or prevent messages from being delivered altogether.

To check the server status of your carrier, we would suggest you to visit downdetector.com or check online forums or social media to see if other users are reporting similar issues with the carrier.

You can also contact your carrier’s customer service to inquire about any known issues or to report the problem.

8. The recipient’s inbox may be full

If the recipient’s inbox is full, your messages may not be delivered until they make space for new messages.

This is more common with email than with text messages, but it can happen with both, especially if the person has a feature phone with very low storage.

If you suspect that the recipient’s inbox is full, you can try sending a message asking them to delete some old messages to make space for new ones.

9. The person may have changed their number

If the person you are trying to text has changed their number, your text won’t get delivered to them until you get their new number.

If you’re unaware whether the recipient has switched to a new number or not, try contacting them through a different method (e.g., email or social media) to ask.